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  1. andreaG

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    1. Your foundation will look only as good as the skin underneath. To get an even, smooth look, cleanse and exfoliate regularly.
    2. If you have sensitive skin and are prone to allergic reactions make sure you test new cosmetics on a small patch either on the inside of your arm or your neck. If after 24 hours you don't have a reaction it is safe to use the product.
    3. If you have acne or find you cannot use any skin care products without getting an allergic reaction or dry itchy skin, make an appointment with a dermatologist.
    4. Use mascara sparingly. Using too much will make your eyelashes stick together and form into blobs. Dip your brush only once to do both eyes making sure you twist, not pump the brush.
    5. No matter how tempting it might be to drop into bed after being out late, don't do it. Your skin will thank you if you remove all traces of makeup and apply your skin care cream before going to bed.
    6. Take care of the skin around your neck as well as your face by applying moisturizer. This is a delicate area which is quick to show wrinkles.
    7. Cosmetics do not last forever and using old products can cause irritations. Here are some guidelines:
    * Foundation - 1 year
    * Concealer - 1 year
    * Powder - 2 years
    * Mascara - 3 months
    * Lipstick - 1 year
    * Eye pencil - 1 year
    * Eye Shadow - 1 year
    * Powder Blush - 2 years
    * Cream Blush - 6 months
    * Moisturizer - 1 year
    * Eye Cream - 1 year
    * Sun Screen - l year
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  3. annie_d

    annie_d Silver Member

    i bought a miners kajal (kohl) pencil when my daughter was born that is JUST coming to the end of its life......................21 years later!
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  4. rowanx2

    rowanx2 Losing the baby fat

    lol i think it came to the end of its life 20 years ago :eek:

    seriosuly, youve been lucky to not get eye infections, or have you had??? imagine 21yrs worth of bacteria:eek:
  5. kelly1977

    kelly1977 Back On CD.......

    :eek: How you have got away with using that for 21 years without an eye infection is beyond me, You have to be so careful especially with eye make-up to not use the same item for yrs..

  6. annie_d

    annie_d Silver Member

    Nope, no eye infections.
  7. BlackRose

    BlackRose Gold Member

    lol - i too give my make up pieces way too long for health but frig it - i dont wear make up every day. I know there's evidence about bacteria and all that but please - the cosmetic industr makes a bloody bundle of women's insecurities. When I can shoplift I'll change my make up more often. lmao -Go You ANNIE D!! ;)
  8. chocolate_baby

    chocolate_baby New Member

    I usually buy makeup in small sample sizes so i don't have much to worry about them getting expired. :)
  9. hager77

    hager77 Member

    i have a maybeline eyeshadow compact w/ about 8 colors. I bought this sometime last year and barely used it....but the times that it was used my friends used it. Should i throw it out since it's only good for a year...even though it's barely been used
  10. chipstick87

    chipstick87 Member

    thing about eye pencils is that everytime you sharpen it it changes the layer so really you're getting a fresh bit each time...surely bacteria would be saying bye bye when you do this?

    p.s. my mum has also done this with eye pencil...i'm 21 and she got given it in a makeup set when I was born as a 'treat for you' sort of gift :) - her's is just about to give up as well! Maybe it's something to do with that particular age?! :D

    jacqui xxx
  11. JD&Coke

    JD&Coke Full Member

    Do you ever wash your make up brush and see how much gunk comes off it, my poor skin. Good tips though
  12. tryer

    tryer Silver Member

    whenshowering or bathing, don't make the water to hot, as this can aid in saggy skin.
    also be careful where the hot water hits you have you seen those women with a wrinkly chest that always looks red. also on a side note , always cream and add sun protector on your boobs/chest and under your neck as well.
    doing both ie, no constant hot water on the chest (from the shower) and blocking out uv rays will save your chest area from sagging and getting wrinkly.
    (thats what i've always done) and saw my mum do it and our chests are great esp my mums she's in her 60's and has not wrinkles on her chest at all looks quite young like a 28 yrs olds.

    anyway thats my tip of the day.
  13. Latina Inglesa

    Latina Inglesa Full Member

    This is a great thread, I definitely recommend washing your make-up brushes regularly. I spot-clean mine with a brush cleaner (mine is from MAC) a few times a week then once a week/fortnight I wash them with baby shampoo.

    Also, it is possible to sanitise implements etc by using rubbing alcohol, I do this to my tweezers etc.

    Eye pencils are fine to keep using if you sharpen them regularly in my opinion.

    Also, if you use a thin metal spatula or something like that you can keep it sanitised and use it to scoop out (or scrape off) a little concealer/foundation/lipstick so that you are not putting your fingers in it. This is what I do when putting make-up on someone else but to be honest I don't bother with my own personal make-up.

  14. Hannahgraceee

    Hannahgraceee Full Member

    Thanks for the tips! x i ♥ make up lol - proberly use it every single day! lol x x im a beauty therapist (well trainniee) lol x
  15. KookieDoh

    KookieDoh Ugly duckling going Swan.

    More products than you think contain ingrediants tested on animals and despite the law change in the EU on this, these changes don't prevent it completely. To make sure you are bunny friendly, visit the BUAV website and order a FREE mini guide to approved products that you can put in your wallet.

    Palmers Cocoa butter is your friend! It helps with dry skin, stretch marks, great for sunburn and even helps you keep warm.

    When you are next at the beach, do as the Brazilians do. Mix some sand with you sun lotion, rub yourself all over then wash it off in the sea. You will be amazed at the very long lasting results, especially on feet!

    Take Starflower oil instead of Evening Primrose. It's five times stronger.

    When you apply deodrant before you get dressed, play a song. Wait until it's finished before putting you clothes on and it will keep you drier longer as it won't still be wet and then half rubbed off.

    Use sugar instead of salt in homemade scrubs. Same result with far less scratching.

    Delicate skin but sick of boring products? Lush do a range of nice smellies that are ideal for sensitive skin than still smell nice such as soap, moisturisers, and bath products. Just ask the assistant to point them out (you may even get a free sample if you explain what an issue your skin is).

  16. leealden06

    leealden06 Banned

    The beauty of the skin, mostly driven aspect of the world in general. And it is a fact that we are all born with beautiful skin.Beauty is a quality that gives pleasure and joy for the mind. Beauty is something that everyone wants have.Beauty an item that is not right for your face, but also for his behavior, attitude and many other things you can think of.
  17. FoodFetish

    FoodFetish Member

    I like to double-up my concealer as a lipstick - otherwise I'd never get through it in a year! I apply a layer of carmex/vaseline first as concealer can sometimes be quite dry on the lips and this gives it a nice glossy feel, then smooth on a thin layer of concealer for nice matte lips.
  18. MissUno

    MissUno World Class Oddball

    If you are wearing a nude lip, you should always go a tone or two deeper than your skin colour, so it's not recommended to use your concealer as a lipstick.

    I find that quality products last longer than "drug store" eg, Collection 2000. If you keep your make-up tools clean and your products are kept in good condition, there is no reason why it can't last longer.

    I'm so into make-up, I can't seem to resist buying it, I enjoy the application process and watching make-up tutorials also.

    I look on caring consumer to see what brands are cruelty free.

    I reckon once I get my head on straight and get some of the weight off. I'm going to train as a stylist and make-up artist as that's the dream.

    My "tip":

    To get afro/thick type hair to look nice and wavy, and frizz free without using heated tools (so damaging) After washing hair, towel dry, and comb through a leave in conditioner, then put the hair into plaits while still damp. Let it air dry or use a cool setting only from your hair dryer and then take out the plaits (leave them in over night if possible for better results) just comb your fingers through and apply a little more conditioner or styling cream (I like Lush King of the Mods or a Dark & Lovely leave-in treatment) and you'll have lovely hair that lasts all day.

    Tip 2: When removing eye make-up don't rub your eyes too much. Use some gentle eye make-up remover on a cotton pad and place over eyes for up to a minute to let it dissolve the product, then gently smooth away, repeat if necessary with a fresh pad. This will stop eye irritation and help prevent damaging your lashes.

    Tip 3: When using mascara, never pump the want in the tub, this will force air into the tube and dry out the product quicker. Wipe your mascara wands brush off after every couple of uses to stop clumping.

    Tip 4: With a clean finger apply a small amount of the lipstick you are wearing as a cheek stain, this will mean that the tone is the same and create a more uniform finish to your make-up.

    Tip 5: To give eyeshadow a better pigmentation, use a creamy base underneath. Or using a slightly damp eyeshadow brush dip into the product (use the edge so you can still use the middle dry) and apply that way, it will transform the shadow
  19. Ludivine

    Ludivine Member

    Lots and lots of water and high-quality, organic skincare products. Organic virgin coconut oil is great for dry skin, rashes or scars (and loads of other things). I always use baby shampoo if I have no organic product as it's milder than normal shampoo. Also taking make-up off every night bears repeating! :)

    KookieDoh- I always take Evening Primrose Oil and haven't heard of Starflower oil.. where do you buy it?

    Anyway, I'm now off to sanitise my tweezers- never even thought of it before! :D
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