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beechams hot blackcurrent

i'm not too sure tbh, but when it comes to stuff like this and i'm unwell i think to hell with it, if it's loaded in points... but is going to help me feel better i'll have itn
Thanks, Im hoping its not too much i couldnt imagine it being a lot, as i don't add any sugar to it, just hot water..

fingers crossed it wont hinder my weight loss. x
i'm sure it won't, what you will find if your feeling run down it won't help by limiting your in takes, when i'm unwell the diet goes out the window, not a huge lot.. just i don't seem to point everything because it will only make you feel even more unwell by not allowing you the things you need to get yourself better, one drink or even two.. three of these won't harm :) hope you get better soon!

ps: also when your unwell you dont feel up to much anyway, including eating so it kind of cancels each other out lol
ahh i wish i was like that and didnt want to eat. Ive been within points so far today, but havnt done any exercise as i feel to shattered to do any.
Yeah that's the thing if your down already doing exercise will make you feel worse, i even think your not actually meant to do any if your unwell it's dangerous or not wise something like that i'm always told anyway! so have a nice relax.. and if you have any options hot chocolate! :D always makes me feel better hehe
i admit i get up and ready to do a workout, managed the warm up and had to stop :(


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
No, i got told by my lovely work colleagues that if i excercised in the state i was in once i could have had a heart attack :( I wasnt impressed but it scared me enough to rest when poorly!

Like you im about to reach for the lemsip! I dont even think about trying to point it up and i add sweetners to it :) Im careful when im poorly but i know my body does need the fuel :)
Thanks Ladies. Im going to see how i feel tomorrow before attempting anything.. I start to get withdrawls though :(

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