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Been bad


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You have to accept that you've fallen off the wagon and put it behind you. Successsful 100% starts whenever you believe beyond doubt that you WILL do it and you CAN do it. Don't let your little wobble hold you back, it's happened now and all you can do now is go on. Good Luck xx
Yes weim, as hannah say's only you can do it....
you call yourself naughty which implies you feel you have been bad....
But all you are doing is prolonging things for yourself.... if you are happy with that.. then it's not bad, if you want some more fab losses next week, you have to go cold turkey and get back on SS talk to the CDC and maybe adapt to SS+?
You can do this though!!! Try and find those reasons that make you really want this... we can tell you that you can do it, but YOU have to believe it!
Good luck for a SS day tomorrow!



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Still got the stuff in the fridge for another chicken salad tomorrow?

Throw it in the bin, now... :D

There aren't any shops open tomorrow, remember?

Though actually... :) I agree with the others - a chicken salad isn't exactly bad. That's not the right word to use at all. Let's face it, as cheats go, it could've been so much worse.

Have a think about why you did it. When did you do it, what triggered that final move into the kitchen to put the stuff on a plate? Could you do things differently tomorrow? Go for a walk, post here on MiniMins, have a bath, paint your nails, brush your teeth...

Just a few ideas - I'm sure you can think of some more. :D


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I know how it feels, but once you get into the swing of things it gets easier - believe me. On a positive note, you didn't have curry, rice, chips and naan bread, you had chicken salad. Get back on track and stick in, I take one day at a time and honestly it gets to the point where you say "OK, I have done ???? days on SS, I'm not going to spoil it now". Good luck


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You can do it hon !! Hang in there!! You doing ss... If so dont even go into the fridge to think about making a salad or anything if you are struggling not eating then change to ss+ dont beat yourself up about it we are all different and we all have to do what suits us..

Hang in there and think about why your doing it and what you want to achieve!!! Stay positive its so worth it when you see the results..

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