Been Getting Inspiration


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Hi I've been sat here for the past 2 hours! I have rung my local Cambridge diet councellor tonight and am meeting her on Friday. There are so many posts on here that are so inspirational, so I decided to register myself.
I'm not too good on the computer (more my kid's thing) so just hope I'm doing this right!
Anyway hopefully next week I'll be into my first week on the CD, and will be on my way to a slim bod. 3 1/2 stone to shift, so a good few months of shakes and soups for me, not forgetting the water.
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Hi Minilady

Glad you have been inspired enough to change you life via CD and Minimins. Not to mention getting computer literate in the process. You'll have fun on Minimins and you'll have that 3 1/2 stone off in no time.

Dizzy x


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Welcome to the boards :)

Good luck with your CD weight loss journey: it really is the fastest SAFE way to lose those excess pounds. You'll be at goal faster that you ever thought possible - can't wait to see the transformation :) (Self confessed lover of 'before and after' pics!)


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Hi,3 1/2 stone will be gone in no time minilady you wont regret starting CD for a moment, good luck.


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hey there! welcome to minis.

you'll lose that weight in no time. xxxxx


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Hiya Minilady, love the name, if you need any help give us a shout x