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Been Shopping and have no idea lol

I've been shopping and as a newbie to slimming world, I have changed my WHOLE way of eating.....no pizzas and choccie in the trolley this time
but I don't know the syn values of the item I have bought.....I just thought they were better than my usual choices

HELP !!!!!!
Any info you can give me is more than I've got lol
Thanks in advance

Light Philadelphia (Chives)
Light Philadelphia (Garlic and Herbs)

What are the syn values......can they be used as HEX As ?


75g serving
calories 84
sugar 1.9g
fat 2.5g
saturates 0.2g
salt 0.4g

Lincolnshire sausages
2 sausages serving
calories 216
sugar 3.6g
fat 11.1g
saturates 1.3g
salt 1.1g

per burger
calories 90
sugar 0.7g
fat 3.6g
saturates 0.6g
salt 0.7g

WEETABIX OATY BARS Milk Chocolate Smasher
per 23g bar
calories 79
protein 1.6g
Carbs 11.9g
fat 1.5g
fibre 5.6g

Can I use these as a HEX B? (like the Alpen light bars)

PER 45g
calories 156
protein 4.8g
carbs 30g
fat 1.8g
fibre 4.7g

Can I use this as a HEX b ?

Any syn information would be great.....thank Youuuuuuuuuuu:)
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If you look through some of the post that have already been done, or use he search you will prob be able to find that someone has already asked and you will find the syn value.

I find it best to meal plan then go shpping, good luck x
i did but alot of the posts were quite old so I thought I would ask again as recipes and therefore syn values change


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philly with chives 25g and the garlic and herbs 25g - 2 syns (can't find on HE list but not sure)
meat free mince - free
oatbix bars are 4 syns or a HEb
weatabix chocolate were HEb + 2 syns but they are not the he HE list anymore so not sure if they are HE anymore

Sausages and burgers i can't work out i need the weight of the 2 sausages/burger but they look quite high in syns.
the burger is 57g.....apparently
sausages are 112g for 2

old posts listed the burger at 0.5 syns n the sausages at 1 syns but they r old posts


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I've found them online now. Sausages are are 1.5 syns each and burgers are 1.
Thats one sausage casserole sorted for tomorrow.

Cheers xx

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