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Been tidying out the wardrobe and realising what a difference CD makes!


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A bit earlier I had a look in my wardrobe for something and ended up going on a big sorting spree! I suddenly realised how much I had in my wardrobe that I never wear anymore but also that's just too big. So I went through every single thing in there, tried it on and was ruthless about it. Now I've got a huge bag full of clothes to stick on ebay, some have gone in the bin and some will go to a charity shop. It made me realise a few things.

1. I don't know about you guys, but I find it really hard getting rid of clothes as I go down a size. I try it on and it's loose and baggy and I for whatever reason think it's ok, like wearing something that's oversized will help me hide my fat, and just fade away. But looking at it all I realised how much worse it made me look!

2. I realised how much I didn't like some of my clothes, that before clothes were bought because they fit, not because I particularly liked them. There were 3 things that I really didn't want to get rid off, in pretty much an entire wardrobe, 3 things. I've kept one though as I'm going to alter it as it is my favourite top.

3. I like colours! A lot of my old stuff was dark - blacks, browns and dark blues. Looking at stuff I've bought more recently, I've got a lot more colour and variation, like I don't feel like I need to fade away quite so much.

And finally, I might only be almost 3 stone down, and I've still got a long way to go, but doing CD and losing even that small amount has really changed the way I look at things. Being 3-4 sizes smaller, I don't choose the clothes that fit anymore, I choose the things I like. I don't stick to safe colours that shrink a few pounds off, realising my wardrobe doesn't have to consist of black, black and more black! I think it's just given me a lot more confidence, confidence to wear brighter stuff, prettier stuff, things which fit properly and don't just make me look like a tent! It was weird packing some of it though, looking at it and thinking that used to fit me... made me slightly ashamed to be honest. Made me realise just how much I'd let myself go. But at least I'm fixing it now, I'm just determined to never ever let myself get back to that again.

Not really sure why I've rambled so much, so I should shut up now! Hope you've all had great days x
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Throw EVERY item out/charity shop/ebay it.... that doesnt fit anymore..and i mean EVERY item!!!

The worst thing anyone can do is hold onto 'bigger' sizes..... you're holding onto youre weight if you do ;)

Well done for having a sort out caro...feels SOOOOOOOOO good doesnt it!!!!!

I love a good ole rummage :D


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Yup it really did feel good! That's basically what I did, if I tried it on and it was even slightly too big I put it in the to go pile. A part of me wanted to keep a few bits, I think it was the cynic in me going ah but when you put weight back on, you'll wish you kept some!! So I had to tell that part of me to shut up and chucked it, a load of things I didn't both even trying on, looked at it and went it's a size 24,I refuse to wear anything with those numbers on even if I do think it looks alright, I'm not a 24 anymore!

I was surprised how disciplined I was! I know have a very minimal wardrobe, but it all fits and I don't have to spend ages rummaging through it all! Last summer I made about £200 on ebay selling clothes, I figure that I should make about that as I've got even more to go this time, including some expensive monsoon stuff, that then pays for a month's worth of CD! Or shopping in Barcelona.... shopping for smaller sizes in Barcelona! :D


please try again
my wardrobe is currently depressing, all size 24's, some of its looking too big now and other bits ( from the same shops ) doesnt fit me, is too small
had a good chuck out a few weeks ago, damn awful stuff it was, the clothes were so ugly and really really unflattering, didnt bother to ebay it, the stuff went in the charity bin at morrisons

looking forward to getting in the smaller stuff ive got waiting, some really pretty stuff in there

i currently look a right mess, sat here in size 20 pj bottoms with a size 28 nightdress over it, lol cant get rid of the nightdress yet, can get dressed so easily from under it without anyone noticing, very handy


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Great stuff Caroline. It's a great feeling to throw out the bigger stuff and definately a victory in your head to physicly get rid of the clothes like you have got rid of the weight-both no longer needed hun.

So true about finding out how the old clothes were only for the sake of them fitting but not because you actually liked them. I always felt I was dressed by Evans and not by me, it was there style and sometimes it was blimmin awful. Having the choice to go to other shops and check out what is around to suit my style is a fab feeling. To actually pick it because I like it and not just because it fit's- woo hoo. And colour, I bought a knitted dress recently and it came in pink or black. Now I usually would have bought it in black, like you say it slims you down and yes in the black I probably did look a little slimmer but I love hot pink and having the choice and feeling good in either was the best. Sorry now I am rambling lol but you started the clothes conversation-my new obsession lol.

Well done Caroline, you are doing so well. The only thing you need to do now is get yourself a bigger wardrobe for all those smaller clothes xx.


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I love your posts Caroline!!!!!

I too had a huge clearout a couple of weeks ago and anything that was even remotely loose got slung!! Four black bin bags went to the charity shop. I couldn't bring myself to ebay it as I thought I might change my mind and hang the clothes back up!
My wardrobe is looking very sorry for itself at the moment, as I am refusing to go mad and buy new clothes yet as I need to get smaller and can't justify the expense. i have started poking aroung charity shops myself recently......something I would not normally do but picked up a pair of M&S jeans with the tags still on for four quid the other week!

Something I am starting to think about it how I will dress when I am slimmer, what style to go for, what will suit me? It's hard to work out when you are so used to camoflague!


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Caroline - I know what you mean - I did that a while ago and I can't wait to have another few stones off to have another throw out. It's such a good feeling to get rid of things.

linnyloo - yes I am having that problem too. I don;t know what will suit me and what won't. I am planning a little interim shopping spree at the end of March when I should be half way through my CD journey and I am taking a friend with me to help give advice!


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I've got stashed at the bottom of my wardrobe 4 bags, each bag is a size and has some clothes that I've seen along the way on sale, or that I've just loved. So it's going to be a case of every time I move down a size, I've got a bag of goodies to go through! I'm a size bigger on bottom, annoyingly, so I've got some 18 jeans and trousers which almost fit but not quite waiting ready! And then there's a bag of 16 stuff, then 14, then 12. It's like my very own advent calendar of weight loss clothes! :D


please try again
lol i have the same thing caroline thou mine jumps by 2 sizes each time to save on cost, have some gorgeous stuff in size 16 that i picked up off ebay ( after reading a post by you, lol ) cant wait till im down enough to fit in them


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Ebay can be amazing! I've got some amazing deals on there, a few weeks ago I got 3 pairs of jeans in a size 16 for £7 including postage! There's not a huge amount in each bag as want to keep costs down, don't have loads to spend on clothes I won't be wearing for long! I'm lucky though, I've got a friend who had a gastric band fitted and went from a 22 to a 10, and she gave me some of her 16s and 18s and a couple of 14s. By size 12 bag is definitely the most full, should stop now, will be a while before they're fitting me!

Claire you've done so so well so far, I have to say I'm inspired by you, the way you stick at it even with having Kaya and your OH to feed, and the way Kaya needs so much care but you remain so focused. I meant to say yesterday as well, I love your new picture! You look fab!