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been to see surgeon


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been to see the surgeon today as I was referred about having corrective surgery. They are going to do the surgery, but I need to get to 11 stone before they'll do it (understandable). I was hoping to have the surgery done before I started university in march as because its nursing, I'll be lifting people and won't be able to if I've just had surgery... its a months recovery and don't really want to take month off university.

I don't think its possible (even if I went to the gym 5 x a week, with the slimfast 2 x a day and a low fat meal with the xenical) to lose the 5 and a half stone by jan/feb? I think its probably wishfull thinking that I'll be able to do it. If we get summer holidays off uni I might be able to have it done then will have to see.

Gives me something to work towards though :)
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What surgery are you having hun? weightloss related?

how much weight have you lost already? and never say impossible ;)

im on week 8,and ive lost 30lbs.my first target is to loose 70...ive 40lbs to go and i want it gone by the end of jan first week in feb.. and im going for it hun!!



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Its breast surgery, there is a big difference between the two (I have to wear baggy tops or it looks obvious) there always was a difference but its got more obvious since I've had children

So they're going to put a implant in one side and will probably alter the other a bit (thats why recovery is so long)

I've lost 8 lb in the two weeks since I've started