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Before and during? Do I look my weight?


Hi girls,
I just thought I would post on here my befoore and during pics. Alot of people have started commenting on my loss which is good. I started at over 16 stone and I am currently 14st 5lbs. Do you think I look the weight I am? I never thought I did but what do you think? Honest opinions please!
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I'm rubbish at guessing people's weight, but I'd never guess that you weigh over 14 stone from looking at that photo. I think most of my weight was on my belly when I was my heaviest, so I probably looked bigger for my weight than you do, if that makes sense! You carry it well. Well done on your losses so far!
It's hard to say, because everyone carries their weight differently. Some people look heavier and some look lighter than they are! I'd never guess at someone's weight cos I'd always guess it wrong. I think if anyone asked me I'd always say...ooh 10 stone?! LOL!

But you're doing really well so keep it up.
Im like you hellie, i'm rubish at guessing! my Teaching assistant asked me to guess her weight (dunno why) and after lots of protesting and her saying she wouldnt be offended if i got it wrong I said 'oh, erm, nine and a half, maybe ten stone ish' (i was thinking bout 11 ish, but thought i'd go under to be kind) and she said I was spot on!! x
Wow, well done you on the loss! You don't look 14 stone 5, and I'm not just saying that. Asking for honest opinions I'd say you look about 1 or 2 stone lighter than that.

I am 11st 10 and I don't think I look it when dressed...but if you saw my bare belly then its a different story ;)
I'm terrible at guessing also, but I would say it doesn't matter if you look your weight cos there is a real difference there! Well done and be proud of yourself :) Don't be hung up on whether you look your weight....you look fab!!

K xx


Thank you all for your comments! Hopefully once I have lost the weight, I will be nice and curvy again! I spoke to my mum and she said that I actually used to be too skinny!!! Oh, but to dream...