1. Jenni masters

    Jenni masters Full Member

    still got a way to go but this definitely reminds me how far I've come

    2/1/14. 15st 2lb
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  3. Renson

    Renson Member

    Wow! Fantastic work!
  4. willfitskinnyjeans

    willfitskinnyjeans Gold Member

    That's fantastic, what's ur stats? If you don't mind me asking

    from fat to skinny jeans
  5. Jenni masters

    Jenni masters Full Member

    Thank you everyone, I was 17st7lb in first photo and 14st7lb in last photo which was taken beginning of December ( unfortunately I gave up the whole of December and put over half stone back on) BUT I'm focused again now and determined to carry on and get down to 11st

    2/1/14. 15st 2lb
  6. lisalu

    lisalu Full Member

    That's amazing :)
  7. KellyJervis

    KellyJervis Full Member

    Well done!
  8. Welshsparkle

    Welshsparkle Silver Member

    Well done you!

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  9. leeann_c

    leeann_c Member

    Great work. Well done xx
  10. julianna

    julianna a closet skinny

    you are amazing I'd love some tips in a right rut I am well done
  11. Hannah311

    Hannah311 Member

    Great progress, soon be at your goal

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