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Before I fall off the wagon - BREAD

Craving bread ... Where can I get low carb/atkins bread from. Have done so well and am not hungry but really want some toast and have done since the beginning 4.5 weeks ago. :gen147: I dont want to have normal bread as am trying to stick to this, but if cant find some ok ish bread I know I will give in at some point. Maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but someday! :eek:
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I've got a receipe for Atkins/Southbeach bread, it's called revolutionbread and it's made of cottagecheese and eggs. It's a sweet "bread" with cinnamon.
If you're interested I can translate it for you (as the receipe is in Dutch)?
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This is the last time!!
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Be strong, don't do it!


This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
ps...you said yourself, it's a craving, you're not hungry, so try not to give in to it.
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See it for what it is hun, a craving... you don't need it you just want it... hang in there xxxx


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Your doing so well! just dont give in just over a third of the way there!


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pls pls don't do it, I did it and now am suffering wishing i never did as am having to start again, missing being in the zone, it's the best place to be in and you wanna stay there for as long as you possibly can, I've restarted today after falling into tempations on friday and am already hungry!!! can't wait to get back into ketosis, it's not worth it! stick in there hun.
Thankyou everyone I know you are right I am trying so hard to be strong... The craving is still there so have looked at trying to order low carb bread from lowcarbmegastore just in case but they are out of stock so cant for now anyway. Have had cottage cheese wrapped in lettuce to quell urge for now though.
I bought that bread when i was doing low carb and oh my god it was expensive!! Mind you, i used to buy alot of stuff from them and they used to have a forum which i was in constantly. Don't think they have one now...

I've still got a few of their pens that they used to send out with the packages,lol! :)


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don't do it hon. even low carb bread will make you retain water and might kick you out of ketosis. and it's really really really difficult to get back into it. the first time really is a golden time!!

abz xx

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