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before 'n' after

hi guys,
i don't come on here as much as i really should!
for those that don't know who i am, i'm fran and i lost my weight at the end of last year/beginning of this and have been off lipotrim for the last couple of months!
for all those who do know who i am....hi there and hello :)
i just thought i would whip a couple of pics in, the one in my avatar was taken the monday just gone when i went off to a wedding in a size 12 party dress....i'm still really excited about that, lol....the one in my signature was taken before liptrim....i'm at least 6 stone heavier and in size 20 clothes!
it can be done!! and for goodness sake enjoy the lipotrim, as tough as it is to begin with it really is a breeze compared to getting to grips with eating food and staying smaller! so also for those in the middle of your journey....think about how you can do the whole food thing afterwards while you've got the time :)
well done and good luck or good luck and well done to you/us all!
fran xx
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Eloquent hooligan
Howdy Fran :)

Great post - great to hear success stories - really motivational :) x


on the up lol
Heya fran, great post :talk017:


Eloquent hooligan
Sheepy - I faaaaaaaarkin LOVE your sig :D Always makes me giggle


Big Fat Loser ;-)
Hi Fran, just had a little read of your post....WELL DONE. You look fab. 'i must i must regain my lust - for life!' - Love it!!!!!!!!!xxxx


on the up lol
Sheepy - I faaaaaaaarkin LOVE your sig :D Always makes me giggle
lol thx i will find more soon , like to make yas laff.........:happy036:
A fantastic achievement and a great post, well done Fran xxx


Gold Member
wow fran you look great and what a fab loss , its nice to see a success story
i am on day 6 and finding it ok have my 1st WI on mon so cant wait for that X


weighs a lot less
fran you look like a totally different person well done hun and enjoy the new you xxx


Gold Member
Hi honey i really wouldnt have recognised you from that pic!! You lokk fab well done you..and great post as usual lol xxx
thankyou thankyou thankyou everyone!
posted for others not myself but its very nice of you to say the nice things to me!
it's nice to have an acceptable photo of myself to show you all and that makes showing a yukky one so much easier....lol!!
so many others of you have done it, tracy, lillie, garry, gorgeous porgeous (with a different frock i see)....and its been fab for me to see so it was time for me to join in!
thanks for taking the time out to reply...much appreciated!
fran :) xx


Gold Member
Awwww you deserve all the praise hun xxx

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