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Beginner - maybe - HEEELP!

Hi everyone

I have been a member of minimins for a couple of months now and have read alot about the Cambridge Diet. I have emailed a cambridge diet counsellor for more info but would lke to know from people who are on this diet, is the diet easy to stick to? Also are the packs expensive to buy? Is this a good diet for losing alot of weight? Is it difficult to stick to when everyone else in the house is eating normal meals??
Alot of questions, i know, but any help would be much appreciated.

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hates diets
the diet is very easy to stick to....i the worlds worst dieter and love cd. i think the fact that ss is so strict you dont stray....ive lost 2 stone in 5.5 weeks and have never felt better..its tough for the first 3-4 days until ketosis sets in.
its not expensive i dont think if you compare it to normal food bills...it works out about £35 a week , if you are doing 3 x mix yourself shakes.....trust me its worth every penny!!!

Well where do I start?.. I found this for me was the easiest diet. You get no fannying about measuring or wondering what to have to eat. You have your 3/4 food packs a day and thats it.You try and drink about 3 litres of water a day.It's simple really.Yes it's hard when others are eating but you know you need to be strong when doing this You're going to find people are always trying to test you lol You just need to find the inner strength and say no!

Personally I recommend this diet if you have any amount of weight to lose ( No I don't mean like if you're a size 8 and want to get down to a 6) I mean like if you wanted to SS min amount now I believe is 3 stone? I honestly think this diet is perfect for anyone who like myself is an all or nothing type. I can't have a small bit of chocolate I have to have the whole bar lol.

I hope I've answered your questions Please forgive me if I'm waffled on a bit! lol
thanks guys thats fab. hmm but i think its a wee bit expensive for me at the moment (student not working at the mo, so i just buy fruit and things just now lol, and live with parents!) are there any other diets like this one which are less expensive? what about slim fast, is it similar?:confused:
Oh doh me I forgot to say how much it costs I get charged £40.10p per week but that's because I get 21 tetras if you just went for the sachets it would be cheaper.

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