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being a consultant !!!!

be yourself,be helpful and not judgemental.I went to one group where the consultant was fresh from the Little Brittain school of dieting. I never went back. People want someone who is approachable and helpful,who will find out answers if they aren't sure and never humiliates anyone like that darling you just mentioned. Lots os luck and hugs. Louisexx

Mrs V

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You also need to be aware of the money that the franchise requires from you in order to start - as you will be setting up as "your own business". SW will give you all the information Hun...when I attended the meeting all I remember thinking was that at the time it was too much money for me to invest in. I will be looking at it again though, so hasnt put me off entirely!


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Not only that you have to put alot of work in when you first start. You have to post 3000 leaflets every 6 weeks, and you're given 50 posters to put in shops. They say it takes 15 hours a month but I reckon it's alot more than that if you do it properly, plus you have to pay for accomodation when you go on courses, and attend an area meeting every month.


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Mrs V and Judi are right.
When I reached target the first time in 2003, I really was serious about being a consultant. I attended open day and two interviews and then received a letter to say that I didn't make it. They did mention the leaflet and posters, but I was not told about the financial side. Anyway I was gutted, as that was something I really wanted to do.
This time when I reached target, and received a letter with congrats and asked whether I was interested in becoming a consultant, I initially thought I'd give it another go, but, although they did not specify the cost for the franchise, they did say that you could get a loan from one of the banks, to be paid over 2 or 3 years.
That, automatically told me that it would be expensive.
You are also told where to have the classes, and it would take quite some time to have any financial return. I believe, if you have more than 2 groups you have to apply for another franchise.
So all in all, I decided that it was not for me.
And yes, you have to lose a certain amount of weight before they even consider you.


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i never knew there was so much to it. do consultants do it as their full time jobs?
My one has been doing it for 15+ years and it is her only job. She has a good few classes across the region.


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do you know what the ote is?


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It's worked on numbers, I am not sure of how many, but to begin with you get to keep about 25% of the takings, and I think it builds up to 50%.
I think that's 3000 leaflets every six months, not every six weeks. I help out a consultant with her leaflets (delivered 500 for her at the weekend - gosh, it's a boring task, tiring too)) and she certainly doesn't do it every six weeks.

The new electronic system has cut down on the amount of time spent on doing the returns which have to be sent to head office after each class. But if you do the job properly, it is still quite time-consuming.

Consultants have to find their own venues, and pay for them, and carry huge amounts of stuff to and from the venues and spend time setting things up, and putting them away again.

Having said all that, the consultants I know seem to love the job!


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I went to an information meeting about 18 months ago - I think it was in the region of £1200 for a franchise and around £1500 for 2 (they are not exact figures but in that region) As malaika says the more members you have the higher the % you get to keep.

I have heard some people say they earned around £24k gross but that was with more than one large class - others found it hard to even make their outlay back.

I think a lot of work goes into it outside of the class in prep and follow up and a lot of people do it because they love it rather than for the financial rewards..............all this is just info I've been told or picked up here and there so it's not from my own experience.


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I was told they find the venue for you now because of all the health and safety regulations. The rent is taken out before you earn anything. And you have to pay to insure the laptop.


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jeeeze, you'd have to do it just for the love of the job!

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