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Bell at weigh in?


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Not sure if this is true, but my mum told me that at her mates SW group, they ring a bell if you've lost weight?
Does anyone else's group do this?

I can't really see the point in it because everyone gets equal amount of praise and support whether they have maintained or put on? Of course it's good for the people who have lost weight because it's letting everybody know and you must feel proud of yourself, probably not so good for the people that haven't though!!

Like i say though, not sure if it's a common thing?
They don't do it at my group.

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Not at our group. Tho when Slimming magazines were running classes we had a toy toilet which was flushed(it was really loud!) if you'd put something on and you put 5p in for each pound and the slimmer of the week got the money.


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S: 14st7lb C: 13st1lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1st6lb(9.85%)
Aw wow, that actually sounds like a really good idea!! :) Not so much for the slimmer of the week if everyones had brill losses though haha! :D

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we have no Bell, we dont even have the computer cards yet..........

its always 1984 in west yorkshire lol


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That sounds like a good idea! Extra incentive i think


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when i did SW a few years back, there was an older lady there that told us that she attended a weight loss club many moons ago (not SW). She said that they used to have a mask of a pigs face and whoever gained was made to wear it during the class to shame them into doing better the next week. just thought i'd throw that little story in!


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I have been to slimming world a few times :eek: at different clubs and the ringing of the bell was always used when the person weighing had lost 3lb or more.
That said I am guessing all clubs are different...

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