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'Best friend gone'!


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I am grieving the loss of my very best 'friend' ................ my lovely glass of chilled sparkling wine!!

Every evening when I got in from work, 'HE' was there in the fridge waiting for me and a few bubbley slurps later all was well with my world.

The memory of another S*** day at the office faded, the fact that my jeans were too tight no longer mattered and best of all 'HE' made it okay for me to have a nice tuna sarnie and some oven chips.

But upon reflection (and too many tight jeans days later) I have come to the conclusion that my 'best friend' may in fact been have been a 'frenemy' i.e. he pretented to be my friend when in fact ............. an evening with him left me feeling, bloated, gorged, often hung over and full of regret.

So I have banished him ........... 'HE' is no more a part of my life but now when I get in at night I have to find another way to forget the s*** day.

It's not easy but I get through it by telling myself that I may as well feel s*** and be slim than feel s*** and be fat.

Hears to being a slim, miserable bird! :wave_cry:
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ha ha love it thats made me laugh and made my day :)


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Wine was a frenemy of mine too, but I'm surprised to say, I haven't missed him as much as I thought I would. He must not have been as good a frenemy as I thought or else he'd have been knocking round in my head trying to get my attention again.

So, it seems the old adage is true: you can't choose your family, but you can choose your frenemies!! :D

Hope your break up with Mr Sparkly goes as smoothly as mine seems to have done!

Good luck with your CD journey :)
I can completely relate to this - after a hard day I always used to have a lovely glass of red wine. I'm on to my fourth week now, and for the first couple I didn't seem to miss it (maybe because I was missing food!) but now I'm really starting to miss the warm comfort of a glass!

But I agree - heres to being slim, and taking control so we can have a glass (in moderation) when we get to goal!


wannabe yummy mummy
I'm exactly the same Liz, the worst thing is my OH still has a beer :rolleyes: and that's when I miss it the most!


Going for Goal!
oh my OH is the same! forever drinking beers. I really started wanting a cold bottle of beer! Then thoughts of wine popped into my head, and i had a small 'rant' - it paid off cos OH was considerate for a while.

I think it does pass though. I can sit with hubby while he slurps away and it no longer phases me.

At the moment my phase is adverts. Every bloody food advert that comes on.....grrrr ! Next week that wont phase me and no doubt i'll be bugged by something new! lol
Lol I can totally relate. I miss booze far more than anything else.

Not that I had a problem or anything, just really miss having a drink on a saturday night


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Can totally relate, except for me, chocolate was the friend. I've never really liked alcohol of any sort, not sure if that is a good or bad thing as I think I would rather drink a glass of wine than eat a few bars of chocolate!

Oh well, here's saying goodbye to all those frenemy's and hello to days on the beach in bikinis! We will do it!


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I can relate too, although I am pretty shocked that I haven't missed a drink at all and I thought I would get the shakes passing by the off licence on the way home from work...
................... ' still managing to give HIM the 'cold shoulder'.

Why couldn't I have been one of those people who can drink and eat more or less whatever they want?!

I only have to 'look' at food and I end up 'wearing' it - having to tuck last nights tuna sarnie and chips into my knickers the following morning!!

I have an underactive thyroid and while I have been on meds for it for more than 13years I honestly believe that in spite of what most of the medics say your metabolism is never the same.

So cheers ......... sitting here slurping yet another pint ............. of water!
At the moment my phase is adverts. Every bloody food advert that comes on.....grrrr ! Next week that wont phase me and no doubt i'll be bugged by something new! lol
OMG I totally get this. I hate the adverts! Never realised how many food adverts there are on TV until I started CD. So annoying!

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