Best Plus Size Shops - Until You Get to Your Target!


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Here is a list of the best plus size shops - some are british and some are american. I'll be updating and adding to this regularly (this is all I have managed to list so far on my blog - but I know of more!) and catergorising them eventually. Enjoy! Spend your pennies!!!:p:D:)
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Thanks for the list curvy chicken,just checked out a few of them and i really liked "Big girls wardrobe" cant wait to lose another 4 stone and start wearing some of their clothes xxx
didnt realise that was yours either jem, great site, love it, can see you getting a few orders from me:)

Nikki x
Wow, Jem, I think I have ordered from you already in the past!! off to have a good look now!

Some great links CC, Wish I had known about them years ago!! Off to have a good look now and probably end up skinter than I already am! At least ill look good!
If anyone is thinking of buying anything - pm me and I'll give you a discount voucher to use on the website. Loosing weight is fab, but having to buy lots of new clothes can be a bit of nightmare!

Jem xxx
Forgot to mention that all our new Autumn/Winter styles will available from tomorrow afternoon.

Jem x
Hi Jem

the big girls wardrobe is great! I am so please that you have now managed to set up your own site - you've gotta have shops soon!

I like your site but I would suggest that you create a section for new arrivals so people can find the newest items available at ease - especially if they check your site often like i do!:)

Its very refreshing to have someone sell funky plus size clothes without ripping us off (like simply Be their clothes are gorgeous but too expensive!!!).

Luv Curvy xx
Ooooh and another thing - one of your best qualities on your ebay shop was that you always provided the measurements of each individual item - rather than having a standardised size chart - I think it is a shame it's not on your site as that was always very useful...:) :) :) :)

Your site still kicks arse though :D :D

Hugs xxx xxx
Hey Jem - what a brill site!!!! I'm loving the corsets!!! Very reasonable prices too - plus minimins-ers get a discount!!?!?!

You seriously rock, girlfriend!!!!!!

Trying to Make it Easier...

I have been spending a bit of time today on my blog and changing things around and I thought this would be a helpful resource for us here...

Below are links to UK, American and Alternative plus size clothes shops...

Best of British American Retailers Alternative PlusHappy shopping ladies:):D:)