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Hiya Guys

This is my most recent fashion blog entry - I started writing before joining minimins and I fully intend to write/inform you all about the cheapest and best british plus size clothes sellers - but for now - have a look at how it should be done! Lucky America...

The Americans Do it Best...

Sadly it seems that America does plus size best. Which means for those of us in the UK that we have to pay high postage costs, possibly import charges or trip to the states! Whatever it isn't going to be cheap.

However despite the high price of getting their clothes here - several of the American retailers sell clothes extremely cheaply - so cheap that I may have convinced my boyfriend to come America with me at some point in the future to buy a load of saleable items and sell them on Ebay UK! That aside - a lot of these companies are selling gorgeous, young and fashionable clothes - that are superior to what is offered here in the UK. I can only hope that one day one of the bigger chains will realise the potential markets abroad.

Torrid started out as a plus size clothes shop offering gothic and alternative wear - but then realised there was more money to be made selling plus size clothes in line with fashion trends and so 'turned pink'. Torrid still sells the odd goth/alternative item, however its sister company Hot Topic which specialises in alternative wear - now has a plus size range, which is only available on line.

I recently discovered Alloy which is aimed at the teenage market - but it is quite conservative teen wear so I am sure those of us that are older could get away with wearing it and more importantly its cheap!

Alight is a web based shop that sells from a whole variety of different designers - the prices vary, as do the styles. I recommend checking out the designs from Blue Plate, Ruby Rox and Nancy K - they are all reasonably priced and have some of the best dresses and tops I have ever seen in plus size - definitely one to shop at if you like your clothes to be funky or original...

I can also recommend B&LU which is another web based seller very cheap and fashionable clothes, once again aimed at teens but will suit most ages. I recently brought this dress from them and totally love it!

For special occasions you might be willing to pay a bit more - if you can it's definitely worth checking out IGIGI who have some gorgeous clothes - most of which I personally think are a bit too glamorous for everyday wear, but then I am a bit of a tomboy at times... A lot of the IGIGI clothes you can buy through Kianet and therefore save money on having to pay big import charges (they may not however have all the latest items - but they usually turn up there...).

Similar to IGIGI is Kiyonna which sells some gorgeous and posh dresses, tops and jeans. However they are pricey so be prepared to fork out your hard earned pennies.

It's such a shame there isn't as many decent British sellers - I fully intend to soon write a 'Best of British' post and keep you informed of what is availble more locally...
That is lovely Mini!

I want this top...


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Nice t-shirt:D

I was just thinking your top and mine would look well together...
One thing thats striking is that they use plus size models...fantastic!!!!!

its a wonderous thing to see...

Ah - shopping .... my specialist subject!

I LOVE Torrid. I'm into Rockabilly, and they often do really 50's influenced dresses which was a real revelation to me, as it was always so hard to find anything in that style that fitted me.

Also, there is a booming trade in Torrid clothes on Ebay - check out the US Ebay as well as the UK one for the best variety - you can often get items cheaper than full retail price. And another bonus is that when you lose weight and the items don't fit you anymore, they are really easy to sell. If you put Torrid in the title, you get loads of hits and bids.

On the subject of UK shops, I must say that I think Dorothy Perkins are excellent. They go up to size 22, and the clothes are always fashionable and reasonably priced - they've really improved in recent years, and actually often have very similar stuff to TopShop, but in bigger sizes. The only problem can be that the quality of the branches is very variable, with some having lots of lovely stuff, and others sticking to the basics. But luckily their website is good and has all of the ranges on there if you don't have a good branch near you.

Another tip for UK shopping is Debenhams, particularly the Designers at Debenhams which has some lovely stuff up to a size 20.

And lastly, for 'occasion wear', Monsoon is always reliable and goes up to a 20 or 22 depending on the style - and again is highly saleable on Ebay when it doesn't fit anymore!

Happy shopping!
Hi Jayne C

I love torrid too! Wish they would just get over here! Keep an eye on Alight too if you like rockability clothes - you might like this collection of clothes...

I will also some point provide a list of links (and review) to alternative clothes for plus sizes as I myself like gothy clothes (not sure how I would describe my taste but my boyfriend once said he loves the gothic gypsy thing I do - which I think is a good description!).

I am currently trying to review and collate a list of links to all the best plus size clothes sellers on my blog... However if you are a hard core online shopper like myself you may already be aware of them!

Personally I can't wait to get to my target so I can finally go clothes shopping here in Brighton and buy all the alternative clothes I want!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Thanks for the tips. I love shopping, but I'm trying desperately to curb my urges at the moment as I am in an annoying 'between sizes' stage at the moment. I am only 5ft 1, so it takes quite a lot of weightloss to drop a size unfortunately! So I will carry on with clothes slightly too big for another few weeks before I can fit into the next size down!

Great blog too, i've bookmarked it now to follow it.
I didn't even know that DP's went up to size 22 until I was a standard size :rolleyes:

I think this is lovely:)

I loveed this t-shirt, the colous and the striped top and last Saturday in Next I got something very like it. I got it in a size 16 and it is skin tight on me...

I can't wait to wear it!!!
There's Holy Clothing too for those who like the alternative style :)

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