Christmas List to Santa


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Just posted this on my blog, thought I would share...

Dear Santa

As I have been a good girl this year and been dieting well for the last four months - is there any chance you would get me the following items of clothing? You'd save me a fortune in shipping fees and import charges... Of course on Christmas Eve I'd happily leave you some tasty low GI goodies, I could even sneak you some bad stuff too because I am visiting my parents in Malta at the moment, they have lots of food that I am not allowed to eat at the mo.

Anyway my list, well thanks to Full Figure Plus (thanks Glen!), I recently discoverd Fashion Overdose, they have some of the coolest plus size clothing I have ever seen! Their current range seems to be influenced by retro/kitsch prints and harajuku/lolita japanese style and refrshingly aimed at a younger market! To be honest Santa I want all of their clothes! But that would be greedy so, please, please could you get me:-

The lovely Fay Top with a girly pink band! As its made of velvet and satin everyone will want to touch it, but it will be mine!


...The Bambi skirt? All of their skirts are very cool, but this seems to be the most unique - I love all the lace and layers.
As you'll be popping to the States to visit Fashion Overdose, perhaps you could also drop by IGIGI? You see they have this dress that could help me become a curvy goddess a little sooner? I don't really feel that I need to justify why I want this dress Santa - I JUST WANT IT! It would make anyone wearing it feel fab.

I don't mean to be cheeky Santa but is there also any chance that you could also get me some items from Torrid and Hot Topic (same company anyway!). I have wanted a pair of these babies for ages! Every girl in Brighton needs a pair of wide leg uber flared trousers and besides when they get too big for me I'll be able to sell them on ebay and make a small fortune. And this top from Torrid - it is just lush - we just can't get lovely stuff like this in the UK!

Speaking of the UK, there are actually a couple of items from the UK that I would like if it is possible?
I am much happier with Evans as they recently brought back their Seven Collection and I would love this top. I did actually try to buy it before coming to Malta but they only had it in size 16, which I tried on... It was so tight and the lacing spread out a great deal, it made look as if I was about to star in a porn film. So if you could get this for me in a size 18 I'd obviously look much more decent.

Although I often slate the lack of good plus size retailers in the UK, Simply Be is wonderful, just a little too expensive. I would love this dress - spotty clothing rules! And its cut in such a flattering style - I've wanted this dress for ages!

And Santa this isn't really good behaviour but is there any chance you could the send the researchers in the NHS who proposed this, a giant **** in a bag? I am sure that being a large man yourself that you must understand that buying clothes in larger sizes is already a drag - but finding that clothes labels are also saying that you are fat bastard and need to lose weight is very cruel. I'll soon be sending these evil nasties a piece of my mind, but in a much more eloquent fashion (I will post here too).

Anyway darling Santa - I'd really love it if you could buy all of the above (the american stuff in size 1XL/1 and the english lovelies in size 18) for me!

Luv you lots Santa xxx
From the Curvy Goddess xxx xxx xxx
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I like it curvy :) Very creative:cool:

That top from evans looks hot! If I was a just little bit younger.................


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Good letter CC, hope Santa bring you all you want!!!:D

Love Mini xxx


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How long is your list?

My friend was saying that every day the Santa list one of her little girls was writing was getting longer and longer...

So eventually my friend feeling exasperated with the length of the list as her daughter seemed to just want about everything... said to her daughter why don't you just stick the Argos book into the envelope for Santa and it will save you writing it.:eek: :eek: :p

Love Mini xxx