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Best Restaurant for SW?


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Mrs V

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I go to Harvester and they are great.


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I second the harvester!!! You can have whatever from the salad bar and mine round here are happy to swap chips for new potatoes and sauces seperate and no butter etc.

We've just had a nandos put in our town - really looking forward to going there!! xx
wow that is good!

They do a frozen yogurt there which they say is fat free do you mind checking the syn value for me as it is lovely x
Sushi is great on EE and in Wigan we have THE most perfect restaurant called 'Summat to Ate' (Wigan joke) where they serve a steak on a hot rock and you dry cook it yourself, with a jacket and veg on the side- yummy and all free

Nandos is good, but you have to be strong and resist the skin! When I go I have half chicken, corn on the cob and green salad. The spicy rice is pretty low as is the fat free yogurt dessert- can't remember exactly how many syns off hand.

Have a lovely time, doll


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ohhh lovely thanks. i've never been to nandos, are they quite casual though? i was thinking of something more, ummm, i don't know, formal?

i've found a place in smithfields where they do fish and steak etc so might give that a go. oysters to start followed by sirloin with a jacket and veg. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
oooh- I would go with oysters and steak (but I am high maintenance!)

Nando's is casual, and as it is half term it would probably be full of kids too, so you may want a more grown up meal



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thanks honey, i've never been so don't really know! oysters and steak it is! :)
We usually go for a carvery so of course I can help myself to the SW friendly parts. I end up with a mountain of s.f. veg, boiled spuds, lean meats and then syn the gravy. Yum.
I always go for Turkish or greek. Lots of grilled meat, salad and boiled rice!
I love nandos and harvester as already mentioned. my absoloute fave is Coal bar and grill.. they do these chicken skewers, with this funky rice and hot veg skillit and dips, its £16 so i dont go very often, but theres so much of it and it is gorgeous. Its just chicken, grilled, rice, various veg (peppers, caugettes, msuhroomsetc ) in tinned toms on a hot skillit with optional side dips. its amazing


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thats a great idea, there's a 'real greek' around here!

i am ill today, i might have to blow out anyway :(
Harvester/carvery. I'm not sure if its still there(haven't been into Pontypridd for couple months)but there was a cafe in the precinct where everything was based on Sw recipes. Someone told me the chap running it had lost loads of weight on Sw and used it for his food. Pretty good it was as well. I'll have to go there just to check now!!


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I like Wagamama's. They'll hold the oil if you ask and all their ingredients are fresh veg, meat, rice, noodles and spices. And they will substitute regular noodles for wholewheat noodles on request. And Japenese sticky rice is great!

Avoid the chicken katsu curry made with cream and deep fried chicken, but I looove the ginger chicken udon (with wholewheat substitute) and easy on the oil. I just make sure I have no syns before I go.

They also serve sorbets and frozen fruit ice lollies for dessert, which are literally just mushed frozen fruit on a stick.

I also love Yo Sushi, they have nutritional info on their site and I synned some of their eats.

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