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Best supermarket for WW stuff?

I have all the big supermarkets near me and am ready to do my exciting, motivational First Big Shop on WW ?

Which supermarket has the best range of WW stuff, or WW alternative type things? I especially like little cakes to have with a cup of tea ? I remember Tesco Healthy Choices, is that going?

I always use asda but iceland have alot more choice on the WW ready meals. Good luck

Asda have all there weight watcher stuff on offer at the minute majority of it is half price! And they all have the new pro points values
I'm sure I saw someone say that Tescos was is the process of changing all their healthy living stuff packaging to match up with the new pro points plan


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I go to sainsburys and they have points on some of their own branded items like the low fat fromage frais. Does anyone know if they have done this to help with ww.
You best to look at the supermarkets healthy brand food and compare them with the we food. Sometimes there a lot cheaper and healthier but sometimes there not as healthy. You get used to looking at them all!!
I find Asda is the best for WW products, but it's always worth having a look at the values of other healthy alternatives - for instance there are several ready meals at Morrisons which have lower points than the WW ready meals and are nicer. xxx
you may want to use this link to work out where is best for you;


it gives you the availability of WW products in certain stores, you may want to use that as a guide to what you would rather buy ww products wise and then go looking in that particular store!

Other than that the not so highly recognised food shops that do cheap WW products are;
Iceland, Cool Traders and Poundland! ... Also Lidli and Aldi have started to get some products in also :)
not everywhere has moved over to propoints values on boxes/packets yet so you may need to work these out for yourself onces getting them!

Then like people have mentioned your main places are Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsburys and it really depends on your own preferences to where to shop Asda has the main offers i find and Morrisons! also their own good for you and eat smart meals have mainly ww points worked out on backs also! ... as so Light choices by Tesco :) you get some fab deals everywhere! i usually search Tesco and Asda online before heading out so i know whats best to get from each one money value wise! and helps me not to add anything else in the trolly when i make a list :) dont know much about sainsburys im afraid but they do have great offers on WW products and healthy living stuff on their site also :) enjoy shopping xxx


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I hope I am allowed to post this link:


Basically you can browse tesco, asda & sainsburys and then add all you want to your basket and then you can click either one of the tabs for the other supermarkets and it will tell you also where is cheaper and sometimes also tell you different alternatives nutrition wise also.
Thanks for all the info. Looks like Asda is the winner :cool: followed by Iceland.

Smirky that is a really good website, thanks! I forgot about the Co-Op, always seems expensive to me so I hardly ever go in.

Never heard of Cool Traders, we have Farmfoods/Heron/another one I can't think of the name, will check out their freezer stuff!

Thanks for the other link Summergurl, I might just try it out! Can you order through them aswell or do you have to transfer to tesco etc and re add everything?
farmfoods do WW stuff also :) cool traders is a bit like iceland and farmfoods rolled into one lol few of em around but always do the same deals as iceland anyway! :D

forgot about co-op myself! they are pretty expensive but do, do some great deals at times! :) you may want to check out just your average local corner shop too! ive got a nisa by me and they stock ww items too! very handy to have as at bottom of road so if i do run out can just pop there instead of doing a huge shop at tesco etc :) xx


that's the website, could try the store finder to see if there is one by you :) x

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