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Best thing to take to help go toilet?

Hi all

I am only on day 3 but have not been to the toilet #2 since the day before i started so getting on 4 days - can you advise what is the best thing to take i.e things that are allowed as i know some things have sugar in .... i am drinking 3-4 ltrs of water a day .... any advise would be most greatful as i def want to go before WI :D
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I will do this!!!
I take dulcolax and it works really well. Just if you do get that make sure its not the sugar coated pills


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Yeah i haven't been for 2 days & i usually go regular. I put it down to not eating proper food. I'm gona get some fibreclear from pharmacist. Not sure how it will work
I took Dulcolax today, two of them and my god do they work. Thought I was gonna faint in agony though so maybe one tablet would be better? Mind you I hadn't been for 9 days :-S
Yeah i haven't been for 2 days & i usually go regular. I put it down to not eating proper food. I'm gona get some fibreclear from pharmacist. Not sure how it will work
you may be better with a laxative to help you go. Thisis from the lipotrim site:

FibreCLEAR, is a product that helps you increase your daily fibre intake but without the extra calories of high-fibre foods.

A glass of water containing a single teaspoonful of FibreCLEAR contains just 3 calories and looks and tastes exactly like a glass of water. It also contains 6g of fibre - that's more fibre than a bowl of Bran Flakes (200 Calories with milk but no sugar), 3 slices of whole grain bread (212 Calories without spread) or three apples (250 Calories)

Anyone can add FibreCLEAR to boost their daily fibre intake as it dissolves without taste into water and other drinks without the extra calories of high fibre foods.

FibreCLEAR consumed with plenty of water may be particularly beneficial to people prone to constipation and dieters on the Lipotrim Weight Management programme. Please note that FibreCLEAR is not a laxative.

FibreCLEAR can further benefit dieters by helping to stabilise blood sugar levels, thereby fighting the snack cravings that are the downfall of so many weight loss diets.
Yes I knew about Fibreclear. I had a motion this morning so i wasnt too worried. When i spoke to the pharmacist he said that it wont be everyday cos i aint eating proper food. He was reluctant to give Fibreclear, i can't r'ber the term he used. He said DulcoEase or a suppository was better. Even though i've had a motion i have taken one dulcoease
thanks all great info lucky for me i have been ... phew but will get something in just incase when i go for my WI - thanks again xx
Ive been using fibreclear since day 1.I wanted to use it from the begining as i had great problems when i was on lighter life.
Ive been every day!! so it works!!:D :D -im now on day 5
I think fibreclear is rubbish, hasnt helped me at all.

Ive been using docusate, but Im going to get some dulcolax as its supposed to be better.
Hey everyone,

Be careful with duclolax.... if used too often the bowel can become lazy and all sorts of problems occur..... including spasms etc.

Good luck with ur weight loss journeys!
Fibreclear is not to make you go just to give you more fibre in your diet to help you. I take it regularly but occasionally have a dulcolax to encourage movement - it usually works 2-3hours after my WI!!!!! *sigh*

Isn't it funny how different chemists say different things! I was quite pleased with the fact I was having a poo every 3 days but mine said I should be having one everyday!!!!! I don't want to have to use Dulcolax everyday for the reasons amm gives above so as long as I don't go too long between I'm happy!


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