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best time to measure bodyfat

Measure last thing at night when your body is properly hydrated and the electrical current can pass through without interference. It will give you a better reading. Your BF% is around 39%.

The most accurate way to have your BF% measured is to have someone do it for you with calipers (usually fitness professionals)
At night before going to bed.
I think It doesn't matter when you choose to measure yourself as long as you are fairly consistent. Whether you want to measure yourself before breakfast or after dinner, as long as that is the time you always do it at that time so the readings are consistent. You would be cheating yourself if you first measured after dinner and then compared that to a measurement before breakfast. That way you can\keep a more accurate record of your progress!
By The Way i suggest you to Measure yourself in the morning when you are completely empty, at the same time each week... that makes you feel the best.
Good luck!



Carpe diem, baby!
Only measure yourself once a week and at the same time, same day...the digital/electrical body fat monitors are not a great indicator of true body fat percentage though...the calipers are better, although if obese the tape measure is better...things like hydration levels, time of the month, core temperature and whether one has just been exercising make a difference...
What should a healthy body fat % be then? I've never measured mine...but I think there is a stand on thing in boots or maybe my gym and I'd love to know how far away I am..


Carpe diem, baby!
Healthy I guess would be the ideal range (on my chart there is lean, ideal, average and above average) which works in age groups...for women 18-20 years - between 18 and 23%, 21-25 years - between 20 and24%, 26-30 years - between 21 and 25%, 31-35 years - between 22 and 26%, 36-40 years - Between 22 and 27%, 41-45 years - between 23 and 28%, 46 - 50 years - between 24 and 29%, 51-55 years - between 25 and 30% and 56 years and up is between 26.5 and 31.3%...

I fall in the lean category for the first time in my life healthily (not because of my ana or related eating disorders)
I think my BF% is 32% according to some test thing I just did. (87lbs fat 166lbs muscle/bone/water) Am I right that the fat will go down but the muscle/bone/water doesn't?


Carpe diem, baby!
Hopefully, yes, but if you diet extremely (vlcds) then muscle loss is a given...that is why exercise whilst losing weight is a must.
Ok :) So I just worked it out..

Currently 166 lbs is 68% with 32% fat

If you imagine it to be 80% (which leaves the 20% for healthy fat) then 20% (for fat) is equal to 40lbs.

Add them together (fat + muscle) should equal the ideal weight for my frame.

Which is 14stone 10...ish?
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Carpe diem, baby!
The actual goal weight works out differently, I could do that for you now, but I need your fat percentage goal first to work from there, or are you working on 20% fat?

Okay according to my calculations (and if your goal bf% is 20%) your goal weight would be 215 pounds, so almost your calc...I dunno seems confusing to me...maybe work with BMI until you are down to a healhty BMI then work with body fat...it seems a bit more simple that way. Maybe not though?!
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I figured it would be different but a rough guide was better than nothing :) How does it work out then? Sorry for being nosey :(

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