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Big Bad Binge Weekend


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Hey guys

I have been a naughty boy over the weekend and although I am eating normally now this was bad. I am feeling really guilty now as I ate like a horse and drank like a fish this weekend. In fact it is a bit like the twelve days of christmas

7 pints of larger
6 lucazade sports
5 slices of Pizza
4 pieces of chocolate
3 bottles of larger
2 Fried Breakfasts
1 Mixed Grill

I think I have put on about half a stone so I am on be exceptionally good week with lots of exercise and healthy food.
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Shornie, dod you think these binges will ever subside for us? I too was so bad from sat night til late last night, i kept think well i have done it now and am starting mon sao i'll cram in as much as poss!! i was on such a high from my dress fitting on on fri and the dress was massive and i kind of talked myself into believing i deserved some rest and loads of treats! Am now scared once am at target i'll do this again and i'll be back to square one, how dod we break this habbit?


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To be fair this weekend was an absolute one of as I was away at a wedding with a group of mates. I have decided that I am not going to be fat again as I spent a lot of money getting clothes that fit me.....normal peoples clothes.


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You sound pretty sussed, I wouldna worry about your binge then if it was a one off - we will have those for ever as we will always have events where we want to let our hair down. I suppose what matters is making up for it after wards as you plan to do. Am getting down the water today, totally messed up with that at the weekend as well, am sure I only had about 1 glass of it! Am totally not cheating again, its well and truly out of my system, I was doing so bloody well, just a lapse, onwards and upwards (downwards on the scales tho!!)


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Awww, pineapple, that sounds like one of my binges when i fall of the wagon!! Try and fit in as much as possible!! Did you find that you felt sick after a while and couldnt eat anymore? I think my stomach has shrunk, so even if i want to eat loads, i physically cant? Did this happen to you or am i just weird.... Also, i think i am broken....... Even thought i had most of last week off and was eating normally, i never felt hungry. I was deff out of ketosis, but i never had real hunger. Has anyone else had this?


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Don't beat yourself up. What's done is done. The thing is you cannot put that much weight on in one binge. If you get straight back to normal now you'll be fine and may even find you don't put anything on at all. The problem is when you eat like that (and drink) all the time. I'm planning on being good 80% of the time. We need something to look forward to and total deprivation is not the way to go for me....but rather controlling myself.


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Aww you dont seem too worried about it shornie so i reckon you're pretty happy and sure you will be back to normal now. Sound like a nice binge though xx


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Shornie, I wonder if it's about knowing when to stop the binge, before dieting would you have carried on and binged for a few more days? Has this diet now got you into a frame of mind to know your limitations, and know when to stop, and get back on the wagon without beating yourself up too much. Best of luck ;)


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Hey guys you are right I am not beating myself up about it to much it was a blip and I have jumped straight back on the healthy wagon, eating Salad etc.....although I have to say I am really enjoying my salads at the mo as I am putting so many different flavours in they are tasting really good.

Thanks for the support guys it is good having someone who is willing to provide a bit of support.:(

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