Big Fat Diet


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come on then, there is some room x

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There sure is room, you can do it. Goodluck.XX


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I saw it.
I watched Clare choose exactly what she fancied all the time, instead of what she knew to be better or healthier for her.
She gained 2 stone in 6 weeks! Also her BP went from 110/60 to 150/110 (which is clinically hypertension)
This is how I lived my life before LT.:eek:
I either did just that, or was on some sort of diet. Never reached target (almost did a few times) But always reverted to the choices that I wanted, so regained all the weight.
My highest weight has been 19st 3lbs.
Been on LT since 12th July. Had a break for a holiday in Sept (lost 1lb over the 2 weeks) and another break for Christmas.
This morning I'm 11st 12.5lbs. (target is 10st-10st5lb)
During LT I've realised how I used food to "reward" myself for perceived hard times/hardwork/disappointment/anger etc etc.
I hope I'll never make the bad, selfish, greedy choices again. Watching this programme last night really reinforced that for me.
If someone so fit and well motivated can pile it on so readily, I know that someone like me could slip easily.
I think I've started to really understand that NOTHING tastes as good as being slimmer feels (as the saying goes)
Can't wait for the next phase of my life, where I return to eating, but do make the right choices.
If you missed it, catch up and watch it on line. It's not to be missed!


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I watched that - how shocking!!!... although it is nice to see that I am not the only person who can put on that


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I watched this and what a difference 6 weeks makes eating Junk food...The before and after shots of Clare was shocking :eek: I am one of those people who can put on a lot of weight in just a very short period of time, I sniff a kebab and I manage to put on 10 stones :p I am so glad I found this diet :D


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Although it SEEMED that I would gain a stone a month I didn't think it was actually possible- this show proved it is. Very glad I got back on track after the feasting season....