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big weight loss

hiya :wave_cry:
im newish to sw as well, i keep trying ww but always come back :break_diet:goodluck on your weight loss journey, dont ever give up, if you have a bad day get back on this asap x
i have not long started back on sw but i have around 17stone to get off.
in three weeks i have lost just over a stone.
i do loads of nice recipes and go running and gym.

good luck to you both.

thats brill is hard slog isnt it, how do you get the, icons of slimmingwrold up .x


I am one of the 63336
Welcome to the forum xx

I started in May 2008 with around 10 stone to lose and lost 3 stone by April 2009. 'Life got in the way' and I stopped going to class but returned in November last year.

It really is a great plan to help you lose weight and the recipe section is fantastic for tips xx
Hi there, I'm new here too and also to SW plan, I have always lost weight by calorie counting before but I am sick of feeling hungry and trying to starve myself in the hope of faster weightloss. I have lost 15lb since september but it has come off really slowly and I haven't given it 100% effort but I am hoping SW way of eating will stop me feeling like I am actually on a "diet" and help me to stay on track and reach my goal, I have been doing it for 2 days now and I can honestly say that I haven't felt hungry once. Good luck with your weight loss journey and I look forward to following your progress and hopefully offering support along the way,

Lisa xx
hi , im just getting the hang of the diet lost 4 pound last week, trying to stay positive ,doing a stone a time x
I think it's a good plan when you have a lot to lose.

I joined SW years ago and managed to lose almost 5st.

Fast foward to today, and I'm back up again, and now have over 5st to lose, but I know it can be done with the SW plan and staying to class each week.

There were a few guys in my class who successfully lost between 6st and 12st each, so I know it really is effective.
hi how do you get them icons on your page such as slimming world ones or 1 stone marks can find them to add them thanksx
Hi I'm new too and have 10 stone to lose:eek:. Have so far lost 22lbs and wondered like you how to get the slimming world awards on your signature. Having had a mooch around this site, I think you have had to post 50 times before you can have these privileges ?

Can anyone confirm this is right ?
well done for the 22 pounds off thats fantastic xx:flirt2:


Stupid Member
To get the SW stickers in your sig, just right click on any that you see on other members' posts that you want and select 'copy'.
Then, in the User CP section (top left of dark blue bit) you can 'Edit Signature' and in the signature box, right click and select 'paste'.
That's it.
You don't need 50 posts - I don't have 50, but managed it fine.

There is a sticky about posting privileges somewhere on the forum, but maybe you only need 10 or 20 posts.
thankyou so much for your help
hi tried to do that but no joy thank you anyway x


Hi I have 10 stone ish to lose and have been doing sw since middle of november and so far I have lost just over 3 stone :D

To get the sparkly things in the signature I think you have to post at least 50 times.

good luck with the plan
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weight loss

wow thats brill you lost alot thats fantastic bet you feel good x:D


Thanks ...I do indeed and i'm looking forward to losing the next 3 :D see how optimistic I am ;):D

You to can feel the same just stick with it
hi its good to do small goals it easier isnt it, i wan to loose 4 stone for summer end of august


Yes its definitely better going for smaller targets, my target is to get a lovely red 7 I add them to my signature everytime I reach that target.

My goal is to get 21 of the little devils :D so far I have 7.
Yes its definitely better going for smaller targets, my target is to get a lovely red 7 I add them to my signature everytime I reach that target.

My goal is to get 21 of the little devils :D so far I have 7.
Soccermom we could be twins, I weighed about the same as you and hope to be 10st 7lbs, I think I was 10 when I last weighed that much!!

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