Biggest Loser


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Hi all,

Watched B L last night, I find it strange how they tempt them with food, they had to eat rubbish last night and on the programme they're doing healthy eating and an amount of exercise that nobody who has a life could keep up whereas the B L eating programme is just like slim fast, which is strange too.

It was really interesting how there was only that one bloke who didn't want to eat the junk food, the others were really enjoying it.

If we can sort our heads out to not want the rubbish and choose good fresh foods then that's the battle won, shedding the pounds is the first tiny bit of this journey

Good grief, I sound like oprah ha ha ha
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Dutch, well said, you know this diet give us time to reflect. At first I wanted to eat everything that I missed in the diet but now the more I think about it, the more fussy eater I will become.
They say treat your body like a temple, I treated mine like big dust bin, hope my head is sorted now once and for all.

The guy in the biggest loser is very competitive, he lost his friend before the program started but he has be consistent, I think his head is in the right place, hope he wins.


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Yeah i almost cried watching him eat the pizza. Makes u realise that the food we have enjoyed all our lives is whats put us here. He really does seem to have his head in the right place and i think slowly mines will get there too x


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I was totally shocked the way they all tucked in to the temptation food. The US contestants are the total opposite, last week the temptation was won by someone eating 20 cals! I couldnt believe the fact the trainers didnt rip them a new one when they found out. Can you imagine Bob & Jillians reaction if they heard their teams had eaten cakes, pizza etc.

I felt heart sorry for the guy who ate the pizza, he was the only one who acknowledged that they shouldnt be doing it


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Just goes to show that it takes longer for some people to get their heads around diet and lifestyle.

US Biggest Loser on tonight - thats my favorite, they seem to take it alot more seriously there!


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Have to say i dont get the point in the challenge, i would have thought they'd win if they resisted, not have to eat to find a reward. its like theyre playing with there emotions lol x