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BigMama wants to be YummyMummy


wants to be slim

I am starting CD tomorrow and tonight i intended to pig out and eat what ever i wanted just because i was starting this diet - but its weird but 'i don't want too' and haven't. I am really looking forward to starting this diet and have a really supportive family who are backing me all the way.

I have 4st to lose and hoping to lose 1 stone per month - so i am hoping i will get to my goal weight in August b4 my 39th birthday

I've been overweight for as long as i can remember, think i joined my 1st slimming club at 14 and have been on/off a diet ever since -and now after every pregnancy ive put on more and more and more weight and decided enough is enough. I managed to lose 2st on lipotrim and then had a bit of a break because i just missed food so i know i can do this again.

I would love to get to a size 12 again but currently i am still in 16/18 so got a long way to go but i am determined that this time i will do it

SO to help me with this i am starting this diary so that i can look back and see my good days and my bad days and hope it helps me to carry on and succeed at becoming the person i know i will be.
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good luck, i hope your start to the diet goes well, you probably done your body a favour by not pigging out as it could cause side effects when you going into ketosis with carb withdrawal etc.


I am one of the 63336
Good luck xx

I thought the same as you, went for my first meeting and was going to pig out that night before starting the next morning - but when it came to it I didn't want to.

I'm sure you'll do great xx


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i hope ur first day on the diet goes ok, just remember to keep drinking the water x


wants to be slim
Day 1 on diet

Well it wasn't too bad - only started to feel a bit dizzy at around 6:30 in the afternoon so had a rest and some water.

Drank about 3ltrs of water yesterday and 2 black coffee's so wasn't too hungry and everytime i felt a bit hungry i would just have a drink.
I had porridge for breakfast at 9:30am, a bar at 2:30, soup at 6:00 and then a cappucinno shake at 9pm.

Bought the kids a mcdonalds for there tea so that i didn't have too cook but I have too say i wasn't the slightest bit tempted. I think this diet is going to be ok.
Well done for getting through Day 1!


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wow sounds like u have had an amazing day 1, well done, long may it continue!!


wants to be slim
Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 - complete

I am now in Ketosis - checked with the ketostix so well pleased - also checked this morning on the scales and already lost 5lbs - can't wait for WI on friday. I still get hungry but then have my shake/soup/bar etc and i'm drinking about 3lts of water each day - definately think the bars help even tho i know people don't recommend having them for the 1st couple of weeks they don't appear to be affecting my weight loss and i was in ketosis at the end of day 2.
I can't wait to get back onto the bars. I have really been struggling with the shakes and soups, but have discovered the tertras and between tetras and bars, I reckon it'll be much easier!


wants to be slim
Day 5 -- I am now on antibitoics and feel really ill
oh no are u ok taking anti biotics on CD? hope ur not too poorly as the diet isnt much help when ur ill

cornishkez - i can only do tetras and bars, if had to have packets id fail!!!! lol it works tho!!
Aww hpe u get better soon and back on the diet soon hun...:( its horrible being ill....and being on a diet....bt u strted off relii well soo well dun on that..:D keep it up wish u al the best.. mwahz


wants to be slim
thanks - i spoke to my consultant today and he said i can still continue but i feel really unwell and taking 2 lots of antibiotics is making me feel even worse without food - got my WI tomorrow so i think i am going to 'add a meal' in until i'm off the antibiotics and i'm also off on holiday the week after and its halfboard so wanted to add a meal in anyway, so its just going to be a bit earlier than planned !!
sounds a good plan, get better and holiday done then see how u feel.


wants to be slim
Day 1 --- again

I have today started again on this diet after stopping due to me getting ill .. i had my weigh in and after been off the diet for 5 weeks i have stayed almost the same weight and weighed in 1lb lighter - so i am very pleased, so i can pick up where i left off without having to start again. My eating habits must have changed as i haven't dieted really and been on holiday / wedding and a weekend away. I am ready to start on this diet again and so far so good - and I got my bottles of water ready... I will do this diet for 8 weeks and then i will have a 2 week holiday from work so i have a target of 2 stone by then. I am not sure what we are going to do in that 2 week but I just wanted to set a goal. If i haven't achieved my goal by then i will start again in September so that i can have a good 2 week break without the constraints of this diet.

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