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Bigmuthabluffa's diary wk 3

HI all , thought I would update and also keep myself busy. :)

I am really struggling, I am not hungry but I want to eat food, I am so looking forward to my first refeed meal I have it planned it alerady, he he,:p

I had such a weak moment on Sunday, I even started talking about refeeding already, my hubby said it was pointless as I had only been doing LT fro 2 1/2 weeks. I know he is right I am nowhere near where I want to be, I don't know why I am finding it so hard.:cry:

I was reading JanD's note the other day saying there are 2 types of LTers, prison and choice, I know I made the choice but I am angry with myself for putting myself in this position,:copon: I desperately want food, it calms me and I really feel like I am going through an emotional withdrawal.:wave_cry:

Weigh in on Wed, so must keep it going,
Oh and I joined Curves tonight so upping my exercise, helping me get fit but also I am hoping it will help me lose a little quicker.:rolleyes:

Hope you are all ok;)
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hey, i keep having similar moments where i'm not hungry but i seriously crave tasty foods. I'm particularly feeling it at the moment as my mum and dad are away so i'm home alone and would normally comfort eat in this situation. i also miss some parts of my social life - i really miss drinking on nights out, and meals out and having BBQs with my family. but i read someone had posted somewhere 'the food will still be there when i've finished' and its true. its just a few short weeks and then we will be feeling fantastic and probably will no longer need food to make us feel good about ourselves!! (though i will still need my wine on nights out cos i can't dance unless i'm drunk haha!) stick at it - it will be worth it :)
Ive just been texting my friend, i want food, im not hungry i just want it, i know it will taste nice but there is no way im going to have it but i cant stop thinking about it.... if that makes sense lol!

i think its just a mid week lull, i get weighted on a thursday so when weigh in comes round again ill be more motivated (hopefully) i would never cheat, its just not worth it.... i just want to lol:)


Positivity is the key
Hi, just to remind you (hope you don't mind me quoting you)
Goal #7 Fit in to gorgeous leather Dr Martens fab knee length purple boots my wonderful hubby bought me after much hinting he he he
I am sooo jealous as I love purple and the thoughts of a fab pair of boots would get me to do a lot of things.
Imagine, you are out of the obese range and into the over weight range, that's a better club to be in isn't it?
When I look at how far you have come and that you restarted it gives me great hope. Here's sending you some hope for yourself.
Take care
Thank you so much for all your encouragement,,I am truly touched, and thank you Doirin for the reminders

Anna x

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