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Bit depressed =(

Hi everyone

I’m feeling very down at the moment. I was a stone off my goal when i came back off holiday 3 weeks ago (half a stone lighter) but for the last 3 weeks I haven’t lost any weight. :sigh:
I put on a pound then stayed the same weight and I’ve just found out I’ve put on a pound again this week (which resulted in me breaking down in front of a stand in counsellor :ashamed0005:)
The problem im having is that I have remained 100% abstinent in the 8 months I’ve been on lighter life so I don’t see why im not loosing weight now.
I caught a cold on holiday (in Cyprus of all places) and it has turned into flu that im still suffering heavily with now - it just won’t seem to go.
To make this week worse I’ve been trying to get an appointment through my doctor with an NHS plastic surgeon for months and when I finally did they rang me to tell me im still not eligible for the surgery im desperate for :cry:
I don’t think my body can cope on lighter life for much longer, especially if im not loosing weight for all my weeks off abstinence but I really wanted to get another stone off.
I think I will feel like a failure if I start route to management before my target :(
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Cheer up - it happens to us all. I've put on a stone in 3 weeks!! I felt mega depressed but you just have to get back on track. maybe being ill is stopping you from losing the any weight. you might find that you lose a bit more in the followinf weeks. Looking at your profile though it looks like you've already suceeded in your goal though!!?? which you should be more than happy with :)
Im feeling depressed too just now - but its because im failing to get back on track. You are doing amazing having stayed abstinent for so long. Perhaps ur body is slowing down, cause ur ill & have been on holiday. Be patient Im sure it will happen & remember how well you have done so far !!!!
Hi Calico
I think your body might be telling you it's had enough. Even though you have adjusted your target to 8stone - 2 stone difference is a lot.
I know it becomes addictive and seems to spiral towards the end. Also abstinence becomes relatively easy and familiar and the thought of eating real food again is the scary enemy. That happened to me too. I was terrified that as soon as I started eating again I would put on all the weight I had lost. After abstinence for a year and losing 12stone it made me very anxious, but my LLC and my group helped me re-adjust.
If you haven't got it to lose - you won't lose it.
Regarding the plastic surgery. Your body will make lots of adjustments itself. I've been at my goal for 2 years now and things have definitely settled and firmed up, so I wouldn't recommend considering surgery too soon even if it were available on the NHS.
Try not to be depressed.You should be very happy with what you have achieved.


Ready for the new me!
Hi Calico, you are not a failure youve got past your original target and that is so fab ! and you look awesome too (your so damn talented with your make up). Keep your chin up and give it a few more weeks but i think like slenda has said, i think its your bodys way of telling you its ready to stop :). Just remember you look stunning, youve done a great job and youve done more than you set out to do and by no means are a failure!
Also on the surgery front i know how it feels, im scared ill need it too. So ive been buying bio oil and palmers coco butter which i use twice a day and it does make strech marks and things fade.
Firstly, congratulations on doing so well.

Liken yourself to a warrier going off to battle. You've gone off to fight the weight and it's been a long process and you have seen amazing changes in your body and your health but you have WON! Well actually you've lost in the fact you've lost the weight, but you are a winner and you were not defeated in your 'battle'.

It takes an awful lot of inner strength to go on LL and lose the weight you have so having a defeatist attitude now, so isn't you and I blame it on your feeling run down with the flu.

It is better to have not gained than to not have lost and your body is an amazing, complex thing and it may be just telling you that it needs to get through the flu and to do that has to stop from losing any further weight. But that's only at the moment.

You are slim now and it may be more healthier for you to have reached this plateau and let your body get used to it's current weight and then when you feel fully recovered from the flu, see if losing more weight is going to be suitable.

It's no good being permanently unwell and slim, your ultimate goal is to be slim and healthy.

Sorry, for sounding very mums-ish but you're a very pretty girl and I hate to think of you being depressed and down when it is clear to me and everyone else on here that you are a champion and should be feeling on top of the world.

Hope you are recover from your flu soon. x

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