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Black tea question?


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I drink a LOT of black tea during the day. I average 6-7 mugs (0.75 pint mug) of black tea (tetleys if that makes any difference!) and include it in my fluid count. I've read a few threads on here & other sites about how caffeine may affect ketosis, so I got to wondering if the amount of black tea I'm drinking might affect my diet? Just curious?...:wave_cry:
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Not sure if it affects your ketosis, but I was told a few days ago that the caffine turns to sugar or something and makes you more hungry, so I have now switched to decaf.
Well, sorry I can't be of much help as I drink only water 99% of the time as I'm not keen at all on black coffee or tea. Best of luck, anyway!


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You will get various opinions I know. Some people will tell you that you CAN count the tea in your fluid intake and some that you can't. IMHO while you must be able to count SOME of it I don't think it's right to count ALL of it, particularly if it's not decaff.
I have read that if you have a non-decaff (is that a 'caff'? :)) drink you should have an EXTRA glass of water to compensate but others have said it's not right - quotes can be found supporting either opinion of course!
Personally I don't count any hot drinks in mine. I drink 4lts of water AND about 6 or 7 mugs of black decaff coffee and 1 either green or redbush tea.

I guess it's trial and error - see what happens. I'm a great believer in instinct and having a general 'feeling' of what's right for you. xx


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I would say switch to decaff tea, you may have a few headaches as a result of caffiene withdrawal, but these will subside and it will put your mind at rest having no caffiene

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