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Bloated and unhappy

Yesterday I tried some scan bran - was totally evil sucked all the moisture out of my mouth! This morning I am all bloated I assume due to a massive intake in fibre (hadn't been having that much this week hence the trying the scan bran). I can't eat anything today am not even hungry and the scales show me as being the same as Monday. I am really put off right now with SW having a downer - I stuck to plan all week and I am not going to loose this week, yesterday I followed the green plan first time ever and today I just feel rotten. Before that I was on EE all the time but if I am not losing on EE and feel full on green I don't want to have to do red?!
Ok so I basically I am just whining here not really sure what advise I am looking for:(
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I try and have scan, but if I have any more than 2 I end up with a bloated belly and constipation which is odd due to all the bran - It's almost like it bungs me up!!

Do you feel rotten because of the scan or because you did a green day? I do green an awful lot (cheaper and more filling) but do have red and EE days, I just mix it up depending on what I have in the fridge and freezer and what I fancy.

Do you go to class or weigh yourself? When is your official WI? You may be pleasantly surprised.
Try going back to basics, read your books and treat it like your first week after your next WI. You know SW works - dont' give up.


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You'll probably find you're in the loo for a while tomorrow and there'll be a good weightloss on the scales! :eek: Happened to me with scanbran, I loathe the stuff! Wouldn't buy it again (and it's expensive!)


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Hear, hear, I tried it for the first time last week, and my goodness did I suffer....unfortunely I have 9 pkts to get through, I hope they have a good use by date on them....
Don't be put off green after just one day. I feel for you with the bloating and stuff, but give green a chance. It's probably the scan bran that's doing the damage to you today, but if you try green without the fibre overdose, you may find you're okay.
The body takes a while to adjust to new things, and although it's not like you're going from all red for weeks to sudden green, the increased fibre just might take a bit of adjusting.

Hope you do have a good loss (fingers crossed) and feel better soon x
Thanks everyone I guess its a good job its Saturday tomorrow huh!! I will wait till class on Monday to see if the weight has shifted, it's just I had been a model SW'er this week and wanted to see how it had effected my weight felt down when it was the same.:eek:

unfortunately I have 9 pkts to get through, I hope they have a good use by date on them....
OMG I feel for you I only have a half pack and they are scarring me!!

I guess I am just being nervous - I have been doing so well this week I feel I have earned a loss - ok really I don't want SW to not work for me. I have spent so long gloating to friends on ww that SW was better lol. I am afraid that I will stop losing - I never had a sts the same at WW?


Slow but sure....
I ordered my Scan Bran online and I ordered 10 pkts because the p&p was cheaper.....that was before I had seen them, tasted them and felt the wrath of them, LOL.....I don't think I shall need to order any more in a very long time.
Never tried them but my slimming world leader said that when you eat them you have to drink lots and lots and lots of water otherwise it takes the moisture from your body and binds you up, he did make some scan bran scoth eggs that everyone raved about.

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