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Laugh in the face of food
Does anyone actually ever read them?? Or is a diary the better way to go? At first I wasn't too bothered whether people read my blog or not but now I'm wondering if I'm just wasting my time with it? I mean what's the point of writing it all down on here if no-one reads it? No-one can help me if they don't read it? I know this sounds whiney and I don't mean it to be, I'm just wondering whether it's worth carrying on with it.
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Hiya Surf

I found when I did my blog that it was a good reference for me and although I didn't read it back very often it was like I was accounting for my actions to myself as much as anyone who read it.

So always said it was really useful in keeping me focussed.

I wasn't aware of the blog function until a few days ago and I still forget to check, but I did have a read of yours.

What are you graduating in, is it nursing by any chance, its the only thing I know that graduates in November. I'm aiming to lose 2 stone for mine at end of November.
Hey surfhunny - I didn't know their was a blog function either but I'd read your if you started one. In fact I think I might start my own too!

How I read this site is I go straight to our G8 M8's thread and catch up on that news, then I go to the top of the latest 'unread posts' for Cambridge. So I really only ever read what's currently going on.

What you'll probably find over time ( a few weeks) is your friends on here would start to see your blog popping up and then subscribe to it knowing you regularly update and then as things come up for you and them they'll start making comments on it too and seeking advice as well as giving. That's what I've noticed anyway but I think for the first few weeks not many people 'hijack' others diary's/blogs as they're just lurking and getting a feel for it.

So stick at it!

**saunters off to start a blog**;)
I don't know if there's much difference between a blog or a diary? I have started a diary and although it's really nice that people read it, I did only start it so that I can reflect on how I have done. I have a long journey and I felt it was something I needed to remind me how I felt at different stages. However, it is really nice that people read mine. I put my link in my signature to it so maybe that's an idea for you as people will know you have one then? x


Laugh in the face of food
Hmmm thanks guys. Mike - I did really start my blog to see if any patterns were emerging in my feelings and stuff to keep me focussed:scale: - and I guess last night when I posted this thread I was just feeling really sorry for myself (lack of sleep & stuff).

Minime, my graduation is for PG Cert in Forensic Radiography. I'm just a glutton for punishment when it comes to uni - I can't keep away. That was my second PG Cert. I can't bring myself to do my MSc tho - can't face the thought of another dissertation :doh:. Maybe one day - when I'm feeling bored and crazy??

I think I'm going to try and put a link in my sig if I can work out how :character00148:- thanks Bunnyg, I didn't think of that.

SaC I pretty much read this site like you do, go straight to our Gr8 M8s :grouphugg:thread first.

:pcwhack:I guess I should learn my lesson from last night and not do too much emotional posting then. :ashamed0005:
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Laugh in the face of food
I've added my blog link to my signature but when I click on it I get taken to the ticker page. Now I don't know if it's just me or if it does that for everyone else, so if anyone has time please could you click on and let me know what happens?? Thanks xxx


Laugh in the face of food


now got pictures in album
I have an external blog that I use for reference and to read back when I am having a bad day, it gives me motivation and a kick up the ass!!

I wouldnt start a blog if you want people to read it, if I'm being honest. There are too many blogs out there. Start one if it gives you inspiration and support and help, but if it doesnt, then dont bother!! :D


Laugh in the face of food
I wouldnt start a blog if you want people to read it, if I'm being honest.
I didn't really expect anyone to read my blog , it was the early hours when I created this thread and I was feeling pretty tired, lonely and emotional. As I said in my reply to Mike I'm using it to try and identify patterns in my feelings and eating habits. I was feeling a bit [email protected] cos I'd been reading people's diaries and they were getting lots of comments and help. This morning I woke up and realised that I was getting plenty of help from people on here from my posts, and that my blog was me stuff - if people want to read it they can though - I have no secrets.


Laugh in the face of food
That sounds interesting, will you be getting a new job as a result or will you be able to tie it in with your current job.
It's just an extra string to my bow in my current job. The course was fascinating. I did it cos I get bored easily so I'm always looking for a new challenge, just not quite ready for the MSc :eek: challenge yet tho.

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