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blood donor..

Thats a potentially great idea! A little selfish but giving at the same time... worth a try if you can handle the needle :)

I'm hazarding a guess that you can't sleep so random thoughts are popping into your head?! :)

Oh and Happy New Year!
think I could lose a few more pounds if I donate blood on WI day? :)

LOL !!! You do make me laugh Jack.

Happy Slim New Year

You may but they only take a pint so you'll lose whatever a pint of blood is :D

Have you weight a pint of water to see how much it weighs:D just out of interest.

But this will only work every 16 weeks, by which time you'll have other ideas for a 'quick fix' on WI day.

BTW have you weighed yourself with a full bladder and then with an empty one, you can't believe how much you can lose by just going to the loo.


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Happy Holidays said:
BTW have you weighed yourself with a full bladder and then with an empty one, you can't believe how much you can lose by just going to the loo.
I have! 1.7lbs lol my doctor weighed me, then I peed and he weighed me again and I was 1.7lbs less hahaha
I believe that 1L of water weighs 1Kg, that's how they set it..
but even that is subject to fluctuation with whatever minerals are disolved into it and temp and air pressure etc

however, the old saying is true and blood is thicker than water so a pint of blood is going to weigh more than a pint of water surely?

it's never a pint with me either, I bleed fast for some reason and usually start filling the overflow bag before they get back round to check on me..

I used to donate until about 6 years ago when work etc made it hard to get to the donations on time ( and if I'm honest then I was also a little affraid that I'd break those flimsy fold up tables that they use.. )
ah, ok.. it's been a while since I donated..
can't see why though, surely they can screen for whatever for those that tick the box?

what if you don't know you've had a transfusion?
you might have had one as a baby and not remember.

I was born yellow ( jaundiced i think it's called ) but I have no idea why or what was done to rectify it..


I will be a Princess!
I found this info on the National Blood Service website about people who've had a transfusion since 1980 not being allowed to donate:

This step was implemented by all four of the UK Blood Services on 2nd August 2004. It is a further precautionary measure against the possible risk of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD) being transmitted by blood and blood products.

vCJD is thought to be the consequence of eating contaminated beef, related to BSE (or mad cow disease) in UK cattle after 1980. Fortunately, vCJD is very rare. But, there is evidence that vCJD may be transmitted from an infected blood donor to the patient, via transfusion.
Doubt it, think of all the nice biscuits and eat natural bars they offer afterwards!!!

They never want my blood, my iron is always too low, but they still give me biscuits :p
well that was an embarasing moment..
I went earlier and filled in all the forms and spent 20 mins waiting to be called, they got me in a little booth to ask questions and test for iron etc and turns out that I'm too heavy for the tables so I couldn't donate.. :(
Hey Jack, dont worry it wont be long untill you can donate, I was happily donating at my start weight!

Giving blood is so simple yet such an amazing thing! Please do it if you can guys. Plus you get a free cuppa! :D
Similar problem, I have a brain tumour, so they wont let me donate either, even though its not in any way contagious, nor does it affect my blood at all! In fact I had the tumour all the previous times I've donated, I just didnt know about it then! So they had done all the tests etc, on my blood before, & the tumour didnt affect the blood then, so what's changed now? Just that they know about it! Mad!
Coljack - go show them next time, at the rate you're going you'll be somersalting over their tables in a few months never mind lying on them.

As for the "I can lose weight for WI", I did this once but forgot they make you have a big drink afterwards - therefore the weight is back, still a great thing to do though
Bit of a while since the last post! Anyway....

Last time I gave blood was the very end of December and it was on weigh-in day itself, purely by accident. However to compound the issue I didn't weigh in during Christmas week so that weigh-in day was the first in a fortnight. I lost 5.5lbs, which is quite a lot given it was Christmas fortnight so I figured, but couldn't prove, that giving blood had something to do with it (because I wasn't THAT good over Christmas, believe me!). So I figure I had probably lost 2-3lbs over Christmas fortnight and the rest was down to having given blood. The week after this I maintained which supports this theory because obviously your blood regenerates.

I'm giving blood this Sunday and then weighing in on Tuesday so it'll be interesting to see if there is an effect and also how quickly the blood regenerates.

Anyone else have any tales to share? Obviously the fact your blood grows back negates any apparent benefit to giving blood purely as a means of weight loss. I'm just interested in how it affects you at the time.

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