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Blood Pressure

Hiya folks

before starting LT my blood pressure was normal only going high when i was severely stressed out or very ill but other than that normal.
Some of you may know i work in a hospital so have nurses and doctors on tap all day every day which came in very handy this week
For the past few days i have just generally been feeling cack with headaches and random dizziness and other random symptoms i wrote it off to not timing my shakes right and not drinking enough water for the first few days but yesterday I had, had enough I knew i was doing everything I should be doing but i still felt cack so I got my blood pressure checked at work and its through the flipping roof !!!

I am deffo not stressed I am deffo not ill infact other than my BP being high im very happy with life and the only thing thats changed since i had it checked 12 weeks ago is LT

I am not scaremongering but i am just curious if anyone elses BP has gone up on LT ???

Since the first reading was high i had to go back and get it done at different points throughout the day and it didnt get any better so i know it wasnt a blip. I know it couldnt be white coat syndrome because I work here and its a second home so i can rule out that.

For those of you that worry one of the nurses said technically im losing weight so it should be coming down slowly but surely not going up. But for me since it was normal beforehand its more of a worry and i need to think about whats changed in my life.

Decided plan of action is im going to get it done spaced out over a few days next week to see whats what and if it hasnt come down then I am going to my GP the week after, its also been suggested that if it doesnt come down i try a refeed for a couple of weeks and see if that makes a difference but there isnt much point in doing that if i can come to the conclusion that it isnt the LT affecting it.
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Hi Genie

If your bp was going up at other times like stress and ill then that is an indicator that you are STARTING to have bp probs.....it could be coincidence that you are now moving onto stage 2 as such of a bp problem. Also if the docs in work measured your bp and it was "through the roof" I find it VERY irresponsible of them not to have advised you to go SRTAIGHT to your doc for medication or a bp monitor. I think you should go to your doc now. You don't mess with BP....it is too serious if it is very high.

Whatever the reason for it .....I hope you are well soon hun! Health is first! Hugs!
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I hope its nothing serious. And for not entirely selfless reasons I truly hope its not Lt. Good luck woman, and I hope you stop feeling 'cack' soon. ;)
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I have had high bp in the past, but no isues whatsoever on LT, infcat (as you would expect) it has come down as I have lost the weight. No doubt about it, go to the Docs. Although expect they will assume it's caused by LT and make no effort to find the real cause. Seems to me that LT is an easy target by all and sundry.


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Iv always had a normal bp but on my last wi the nurse said it was low, not bad low but still low. It was 99 over something (sorry im not good with bp)
I never had a problem with BP, not even at the start of LT, but I am in my 5th week and I have been having some dizzy spells, I dont know if it is LT, but it possibly is, especially with TOTM approaching I think.


I will do this!!!
I was told id probably feel a little light headed but so far iv been ok....touch wood. It never hurts to get things checked out


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my bp has dropped like a brick, i was 128/82 on my last pre LT check (high BP and strokes run in the family so i get checked regularly) when i went after being on LT for just 3 weeks, - it had dropped to 115/68!!!! I always used to have lower end bp when i was slimmer so it looks like it heading that way again, good as i wont get high BP, hopefully not going to drop much more as relatives on other side of the family had lowish bp and kept fainting!

maybe i'll be in the middle?!?!

worth keeping an eye on it. good luck


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ps - the recommended 'average' bp i think is 120/80 for most people, for those unsure.
I would take the advice and get it checked randomingly over the next few days mine was always high but now its gone on the low side, so if it doesnt settle If I were you I would try and refeed and see if it makes a differance it could be due to the increased amount of watr you are drinking putting pressure on your kidneys. Hope you feel better soon.
Hi All

Bit of an update just had it checked again today and its come down significantly, its still not normal but it has come down enough for me to stop worrying that im going to keel over on the spot, though does mean that for the entire time im on LT i am going to get it checked every week as I still dunno what caused


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good luck, best to keep an eye on it.

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Genie, I'm glad to hear your BP has come down and I think it is really sensible of you to keep a close eye on it in the future.

I normally have very low BP but it was high readings that were the final push I needed to start LT. I am now back to my normal low readings and the associated dizzyness when I get up too quickly.

Good luck hun.


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