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Blood tests


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I had to have blood tests today as I've had some amazingly intense headaches and one thing they are checking is my cholesterol .... Might sound a bit silly but will being on a high protein diet make my cholesterol go up? I've never had a problem with cholesterol before .... Am I just being silly?
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If you are talking about a high protein diet made up of red meat, dairy, and cheese then yes it could put your Ch up. But CD is low calorie, rather than say Atkins. See what others say but I would say CD should not be a risk. Assume they have looked at your blood pressure, eye sight, water intake, urine analysis??


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Yep they have done all the routine stuff the bloods are just routine as well they think it's just my pill giving me migraines but guess they just want to check. :)
Well it's good they are checking. There are some very good migraine meds on prescription, sumatriptan and similar, if taken as soon as you get symptoms they can prevent a full blown attack.

I am sure you are fine, what about a change of pill?


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Yeah she has given me codine for now but am changing my pill tomorrow and hopefully no more ... It was the next day when I couldn't shake off the confusion or fog that got worrying lol.


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Has your doc given you a new pill yet? Same thing happened to me, suddenly developed these ridiculous headaches and it was my pill but they refused to prescribe me another one as I was high risk of stroke! X
It's not unusual to feel odd and foggy even spaced out after a migraine, and sometimes the feeling that the migraine is lurking and waiting for any chance to come back!!

Watch the codeine as it causes constipation which is no fun when you are already on CD!


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Cholesterol levels are usually affected by animal fats in the diet - i.e. meat, dairy, etc. - and not by calories or protein per se. I would think that if anything, CWP will cause a reduction in your cholesterol levels. It's what I'm counting on anyway :)

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