bloody hell!!


nearly there!! :)
:sigh: i just want ta be in rtm!!
i know im only a week and a little bit from starting it, but today i can honestly say i really just want ta be there!!

i do know this urge to eat is emotional ..... babs kinda having a rebelish day and i tried on a dress ta day in a 14 and i couldnt get it to close...ok i know it wasnt that it wouldnt fit it was the dress itself but it just made me feel rotten!!
also really not enjoying the saggy skin im noticing on my belly...i know im concentrating on it much more than i should be but just cant get it off my mind!!

i know i wont "cheat" (even though there is a brest of chicken that wouldnt knock me out of ketosis) BUT i want to finish my journey with no regrets, aagggggggghhhhhh!! lol!! i know its not water cause im on my 4th litre now its just the hole day really!!
gonna head off and do a thought record...hopefully itll help!!:copon:
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Perfect opp for a thought record - well identified! You'll get there - just take one day at a time and you will be in RTM in no time.

I've been getting some amazing compliments, and have been tempted to quit abstinence early - but, like you, I want to succeed in what I set out to do - and for me 12st9 isn't enough... I want to get to 10st... REALLY do it properly and live with no regrets.

You can do it honey!!

(Hugs) x


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As Anna said well done for identifying the need for a thought record! I have had lots of thought going round my head since my lapse, please Catz see this thru to the end because a lapse isnt worth it! Ive well and truly been knocked out of ketosis and really am struggling today. However we all made goals and its important we reach them. I am not giving up, no matter how much I put on tmrw.

Keep going, the finish line is so near now!!


nearly there!! :)
thanks girls :)
i know i really couldnt forgive my self if i give in now and im nearly thanking god om not in rtm cause if i was id prob have gone for not my meal but something else.
i find the weekend a struggle as it is and when the babs been a bold ass it just makes the day time times longer.

decides when i put him to bed im gonna have a long shower and go read in bed for cleaning just me time!!


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S: 13st12lb C: 11st8lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 2st4lb(16.49%)
Good for you. I too find weekends a struggle. It can be a long day my boys get up at 6am and I feel ready for bed by 4pm!!! Today i went to Aviemore and it was so snowy, lots and lots of kids sledging. We went for a swim and then shopping. I just did anything to pass the day!!

Have a lovely "me" time you deserve it!


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Hang on in there Catz

Hey Catz, I know what you mean. You are nearly there, you have done so well.
As you've got in your signature - you have busted all those goals.
I've had a togh time the past couple of weeks too. The old feeling of wanting to reward myself with treats :)7834::17729::party0051: is still there. I have managed to resist, but I have been thinking about food a lot more.It's so hard when everyone is telling you how good you look and that you must stop now.
Not far to go now. Hang on.You'll be fine.
Non food treats/me time are a good isea after your babs has gone to sleep.
You look fab in your pic. Well done. xxx


nearly there!! :)
thanks everyone for yer replies :)
i got myself off ta bed early and read my book from like half 7. really helped just ta give in and get away from everything!!
feeling better ta day even though i still am very impatient with the hole not eating yet thing, but do realise its just me being impatient cause im so close!!
hopefully ill have a good loss ta make up for it lol!! xxx