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Body Optimise


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Next week i intend to start SW, I have 28lbs to lose and have a very busy life style. As such i don't think ill have the time to attend an evening class on a weekly basis so i was going to join body optimise.

I was wondering if you got all the same online benefits & facilities on BO that you get on SW classes. Will i get access to the Syn Checker?

Anyone else had experiences with both options and care to share their views?
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I have never done BO, and only attended groups.
As far as I know you don't get any of the books on BO but you can access the Syn sections etc.
Also, on BO when you reach your target you still have to continue paying whereas in groups you go for free providing you stay within the allowed range.
SW WIs only last for an hour, so if you could I really would recommend them.
For me I need them to keep focused.
If you really can't attend why not go for one class where you will get the book and everything explained to you.
I done body optimise a few years back but to be honest I didnt stick to it 100%
I personally really need the class to keep me on track (you also get good tips ect for meals or when things change you find out about it alot easier .

you dont have to stay every meeting just when u can and the password should be available when you stay or not xx


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If you do a search on the forum you'll find several threads on the subject. The reviews have been mixed to be honest. Some people find paying up front helps them commit to the plan while others find they get all the support they need from this forum. Do a bit of research by reading the other threads before you sign up as it's certainly not a cheap alternative to classes.
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I tried body optimise between november-jan and it didn't work, i need the classes to stick to SW and also the support a class needs, i'm going back on monday and genuinely cannot weight to start loosing weight again, im having this weekend off from not dieting and am very excited about rejoining slimming world and watching those pounds come off

to sum up, if you need a hand to hold on your weight loss journey, go to class!
I like BO but everyone is different most people seem to need the class for support whereas if I make sure I fill in my food diary on BO and come here for support I'm fine. If you take out the membership I took out (the least expensive one) you don't get anything other than use of the site. There is some fabby recipes etc and some good inspiration. I'm sure someone said on another thread like this that if you take the gold membership you get all the packs etc. As Sonia said though when you get to target you still have to pay for BO, whereas at class you get to go for free.
Sorry should have said yes you get access to the syn checker and the syn calculator aswell.
Is the BO thing a pay in advance thing or can you pay weekly like classes? Was just thinking you could see how you get on and if you feel like your motivation is failing start going to classes?
Is the BO thing a pay in advance thing or can you pay weekly like classes? Was just thinking you could see how you get on and if you feel like your motivation is failing start going to classes?
When I signed up for BO I had to take out a 3 month membership straight off, it cost £60, alot but it works out the same as going to class every week. I'm pretty sure it said that once the 3 months is up I can take out a month at a time, but not positive. I e-mailed them about that the other day as my membership is nearly up but still waiting for a reply.



Yummy mummy to be!
Thank you ladies for all your replies. It's good to know i'll have access to the Syn checker and lots of other info. I will give BO a chance now i've found this forum and it's helpful members:)

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