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Body shape changes...

Jut wondered where you are seeing the most changes in your body shape?

Yesterday I had the 'pleasure' of seeing myself in a swimsuit on video! And what I could see was that I am loosing weight from the head down! I think those 17lbs Ive fought off, have come from my face, neck, shoulders, bust and midriff.
However, the stubborn weight is definitly from above my knee to my belly button.
Im pleased to have lost my back fat! But my thighs are still very large and very wobbly!
What shape would that make me? Pear?
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I find my body shape is continually changing. I really believe that our fat stores redistribute themselves around our bodies. Even when the scales stopped budging for me, the changes in my body shape continued - almost as if the body needed time to catch up.

Doing exercise helps to shift it from the problem areas. I do a lot of boxing moves now to keep my arms toned, plus abdominal work and I really notice a difference if I stop exercising for a few days for whatever reason.
When I loose I initially see it in my face and waist. I've sometimes had it where I am maintaining or even slightly gaining weight yet its coming off my face and my waist is shrinking. Rest of me's still flabby though and I WISH it would come off my boobs so I could go back to wearing comfy bras (can't get bras in my cup size without getting sores under my arms).


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I'm another one who finds it comes off the face and waist first. I'm at a plateau right now, going up and down the same few pounds, but I'm still noticing my body shape changing.


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When I've lost weight before, it has come from my waist and face first. This time though, it has gone from my thighs and chest!

I don't really mind where it goes from as long as it is shifting from somewhere lol
I also notice it off my face first but have started to feel bones, hip bones and collarbones where before they were hidden!!! Im jogging now so am noticing my legs getting more toned but there is still alot of work to do really ... i would love it to go from my tum but after having two huge babies and being a trougher for so many years, i cant expect a miracle !!! Slowly but surely x


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I have been exercising for months now and scales have stopped moving but my body has really toned up.
I have maintained for 3 weeks now and although its frustrating I am loving the way my body is changing.
Over the last 10 weeks, I have noticed the weight has come off my ribcage/upper belly first, then belly, then face.

It's strange how everyone carries weight differently. My mum and I have both gained 4 stone over the last 2 years. Mum's weight gain was from stopping smoking and eating 3 Mcflurries a day, mine was from working away and eating too much junk food. My mum is an apple shape - all weight around her belly, with skinny legs. I am a pear, most of the weight is on my hips and legs. Although we are an identical weight and height, our shapes are so different....


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i have lost the most from my hips,thighs and legs and face. Havnt lost much from my bust at all yet as i have dropped a couple off dress sizes i must of lost some from my belly but i cant really notice
Well, I know Im smaller than 3 1/2 stone ago cos I can fit into smallwer clothes, but I've just compared 2 pictures of myself and I seriously cannot spot any difference :( In some pics I think I looked better 3 1/2 stone ago :(
My face has changed. I know that my body has changed because I can fit into a smaller size but when I look at my self I just see my fat so I think I need to do more work on myself. I think it is a combination of denial of how big I really was and so now 12 weeks later I am how I thought I looked (apologies if that does not make sense. ) We shall see how I feel in the next 12 weeks.
Well, I know Im smaller than 3 1/2 stone ago cos I can fit into smallwer clothes, but I've just compared 2 pictures of myself and I seriously cannot spot any difference :( In some pics I think I looked better 3 1/2 stone ago :(
im the same i cant tell my husband says he can but ive always been size 18 plus since i was aged 16 im now 37 i cant see im smaller


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My boobs have gone!!!
I have hip bones that stick out!!!
My belly's gone!!!
I love my legs.....& my husband loves my legs!!!
I love Slimming World.......THANK YOU !!!
Nice to see it comes off the face for most, i only lost 16lbs when i first done sw but i noticed it on my collar bone!

can i ask, how long did it take before you started noticing a difference in your shape?x
2 stone till i first noticed a change 3 stone 5 gone now and i cant notice anymore change maybe when i hit the 4 stone mark it will happen i think because i was squeezing myself into small clothes that hasnt helped ive gone from a size 24 to a 20 ( some large18's)

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