Body Shape Vs Weightloss


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Hi All,

I was just wondering what you thought about this? Most of us are preoccuppied with the scales but does figures actually matter?

I honestly thought all along I wanted to lose weight fast but this diet is a bit extreme for me and the other extreme is overeating. Sometimes we have to go to both to realise that somewhere in the middle is okay.

I went to Zumba last night and a belly dancing class so 2 hours straight of burning fat and having fun. I think I won't be able to do this much exercise if I'm on SS as I plan to do 4 classes a week.

So I am going back to CC with high impact exercise as I think for me toning and body shape is my priority and I don't actually have that much weight to lose now.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for all your support and will keep in touch......
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Hi sammyzip50

First of all well done for going to Zumba and belly dancing classes :happy036:
However beware you are doing it for the right reasons and not just making excuses to 'wiggle off the hook' from this diet, which is very hard ( but so is any diet). I say this because I lost a lot of weight on a VLC diet and was about where you are, getting close to goal and then I decided the same as you, except mine was cycling and swimming. Well, the cycling went to pot etc etc..say no more and because I wasn't goal I slipped & slid all the way back up to start weight. Snakes and ladders...sigh :sigh:!
This time my CDC said I should really aim for goal weight, and then as advised by her slowly get back onto eating food the CD way!
However this is a personal choice, we all know our bodies and our limits more than anyone else. It may be the best way forward for you, if so, I'm cheering you ALL the way to the goal post...You Go Gal!! Good luck :character00238:


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i think the reasons for doing this extreme diet become less compelling the less weight you have to lose.

Even if you average a pound a week loss by calorie counting (and probably more), you'll be done by summer. whereas, i think if you'd started with 80 or 100lbs or more to lose, the idea of a vlcd becomes preferable to years and years of a slower diet plan.

at the end of the day, i'd never advise someone to do a vlcd and i'd never try and stop someone ending one. it's a crazy thing to do to your body, in the very suburbs of what is healthy, and i think if you can lose weight in a less extreme way - by calorie counting or WW or whatever, you probably should.

good luck.