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So I begin my journey to eating like an adult, instead of always giving in to my emotional and compulsive overeating, and to get of the couch and move at least 5 or 6 days a week.

I've found some exercise videos on YouTube that I like, and I've been doing them 6 days a week for a couple of weeks. I hope to build up the courage and physical stamina to start briskly walking around my city come autumn.

I've discovered I can no longer follow a commercial diet, or count calories religiously like I did when I was younger. I just rebel and start binge eating in response. But I also have learned through several attempts that intuitive eating is definitely not for me! I have way too much emotional baggage when it comes to eating (thanks mum and dad) and when I give myself license to eat what I feel my body needs, the deprived child in me will always overeat, and choose biscuits and crisps over anything. I do need to set limits and boundaries with myself when it comes to food, and I need to be honest with myself - this is the difficult part.

So in short I'm working on coming up with my own food plan, bit by bit, I will keep tweaking it.

For today, I have learned that peanut butter has become a problem - I need to find a less fattening alternative. I'm think making a pot of soup, like lentil or split pea, dal ...all soups I really like, and having the leftovers for lunch each day. Tuna with mayo on wholemeal bread -no butter, would have fewer calories and fat than peanut butter, but still have plenty of protein.

Okay! Feeling hopeful.

Any comments or advice are most welcome.
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bog willow

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S: 182lb C: 182lb G: 129lb BMI: 36.8 Loss: 0lb(0%)
I think this thread will probably be more about striving for healthier behaviours than it will be about weight loss. Don't get me wrong, I am very much hoping for weight loss, but bipolar disorder is fickle and try as I happens, and certainly meds have an impact. I turn 50 next year, and I would very much like to be in much better shape. I can handle being chubby, but the size I am now..well it's just so hard to lug this body around.

I had a Twix last night after supper, I haven't had one for months. I enjoyed it and skipped my evening snack and didn't fuss about it.


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Hi Bog Willow and welcome!

I'm very much like you - I binge eat, over eat, make bad choices - but slowly am learning that I don't do that every day, and that it's important for me to recognise the good days for what they are. I lost 5.5 stone on Sw last year, partly because I gave up my beloved red wine :classic_eek: - but with the usual life dramas (moving house, county, finding a job, yada yada) some of that weight has come back on, so I started cc'ing a few weeks ago - but I'm not doing terribly well, to be honest, so have been thinking like you, that maybe just trying to eat healthier as often as I can will be the way forward. Bt I am notorious for changing my mind! :)

So I will be following your diary with great interest and shouting encouragement from the side :).

bog willow

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S: 182lb C: 182lb G: 129lb BMI: 36.8 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Hi ladyfelsham, thanks for replying to my thread.

I'm also notorious for changing my mind, and I've started calorie counting. I've abandoned this thread, and I've been posting in a new thread: Bog Willow's very slow and mostly unsteady weight loss diary over in the Weight Loss Diaries forum.

I would love to be able to maintain weight loss through life's ups and downs, but like you, my eating falls apart when life get's tricky.