Carpe diem, baby!
S: 11st0lb C: 9st4lb BMI: 21.6 Loss: 1st10lb(15.58%)
I'm new here and it's great to read all the amazing sucess stories and the new goals and other stuff to do with health and fitness (hey it's weight/fat loss so let's not beat around the pc bush, eh?!)...I've been 'doing' my new lifestyle (it is a lifestyle as this is now for life for me, not just for the short term, my life depends on it!) since April this year. Earlier in the year I was wearing size 14s and was uncomfortable as I have always been small and petite...This new lifestyle is also a therapy of sorts for me as I am a recovering anorexic/bulimic (lightest weight 6 stone 6 pounds YUCK!!!) who has overeaten (and been on lighterlife and lipotrim diets after two bouts of post natal depression, at my heaviest I have been 13 stone 7 pounds). It has worked so far and I am healthier/fitter/stronger than I have ever been in my life...I also devised my own vlcd and low calorie food intake plan as well as an overall eating plan to suit (or avoid) my trigger foods and my lifestyle. I found the vlcds far too expensive to sustain for longer than the 12 weeks...different things work for different people though and thankfully the post diet exercise has been a life saver and has really helped with my self image and the rest of it for the last few months. I am now in size 10s and weigh in at 9 stone 8 or below. I seem to be stuck at this weight but am not too phased as the last bit of fat will hopefully come off by April which is when a new phase of training and goal setting will kick in. I see a personal trainer at the gym an hour per week and his motivation as well as the fitness tests we have begun to do every month are a huge encouragement and confidence boost. My main goals are fitness and strength rather than pure weight loss, so I might be posting in the exercise parts more than here. We'll see...

Also I want to say hello to everyone and say keep it up (hoorah for support forums like this) and thanks for the lovely place you have here...
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S: 21st7lb C: 17st4lb G: 13st0lb Loss: 4st3lb(19.6%)
Hi and:welcome: to Minimins :)
Good luck with your strength and fitness regime x