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On a mission
Well this is my first entry and my first week on Slimming World. I'm doing the Extra Easy plan because its so.... well, so easy!

My weigh in is Thursday evenings and I'm doing pretty good, I will be absolutely gutted if I don't lose anything at all.

The reason I've started Slimming World is because i've put so much weight on it actually hurts! When I walk my ankles hurt, my wrists hurt, my whole body is just hard work at the minute.

Hmmm how did I let myself get this bad? I really couldn't say it was one particular thing that did it, yes I did give up smoking, yes I have found that special someone to settle down with, yes I am content. How come I didn't realise I was getting this big? Lordy knows, one day I seemed to be an ok weight, next minute on buying size 22 clothes, so to sum up, I'm really fed up with myself.

Ok enough for now, I'll post again soon. Boo xx
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Hiya hun - first of all.... you've done the hardest bit, you've given up smoking and found love, losing weight is the easy bit, especially with slimming world. Good luck and keep us updated xxx


On a mission
Thanks Louise, I'm glad I've found this site I think it's really going to help me, I'm just gonna take one day at a time and see where it leads me x


On a mission
Quick update - I'm having trouble getting round the site, wish i was more up on the tec side lol, never mind, im sure i'll get the hang of it somehow....... some day ;-) x


On a mission
Really craving a glass of wine, but have opted for some diet lemonade, not quite the same really is it. This is really my downfall, the wine, bah!!!! Stomach is rumbling a little think i'll go and have a bath then lay in bed and watch a film..... laters, taters! xx


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Serial Foodie!
good to see you doing a blog boo. i totally know where you are coming from as i went to bed one night as a size 16 and woke up a size 24 and had awful lower back pain if i walked for more than a few minutes at a time lol. you'll be flying around minis like a pro before you know it. anything you need, just shout and someone will help out xxx


On a mission
Hi Karen

Thanks for that, i'm having trouble editing my profile, well basically its not letting me does anybody know why?

Any hooo today has been ok, well during the day its fine, I have my fruit and crisp breads, cottage cheese and i'm quite happy..... work is very busy and to be honest i'm not that hungry during the day, although i eat plenty of fruit and i'm not going without. Its just the evenings, I fought the urge tonight and opted for some more fruit. Each night my O.H. has cooked me a meal from the book i bought at class last week. If anybody's reading this is called 'Family Meals for a Fiver'.

Its really good we've had a few meals from there and they taste good, especially when he's cooking them :) xx

Can't wait for weigh in on Thursday evening, the class is really friendly and the consultant is a really postitive, motivating person it was really nice going there last week and not what I expected at all, mind you I don't know what I was expecting..... Am I waffling??? Bahh who cares!

Ohhh also we went to Costco's on Saturday and bought a load of fruit and its the most delicious fruit I've had, everyone has been eating it and it's nearly all gone and its only Tuesday (we bought it Saturday).

We have made a decision that all of us will have the same meal of an evening. This has not always been the case as between us we have 3 teenagers ranging from 18 to 15 and it has been know for me to cook 3 different meals a night. So it's a case of eat this healthy meal or go without and go hungry, surprisingly this has worked and we are now down to cooking one meal an evening (slimming world) and everyone is eating it, hoorah!!! No mean feat when you have 3 moody teenagers in the house!

I was also pondering whether or not to measure myself, I really don't want to at the minute because I think it will make me depressed, on the other hand when I do lose weight i would like to say oooh look i've lost blah blah inches of my hips, decisions, decisions.

Just one more thing for now, I must find some low syn snacks as I'm in danger of not having any at all and I don't think that would help me.

Well signing off for now...... Boo xxx


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Hi hun - you can still have your wine, but only a little bit (check your book), you can use some to make a spritzer with some diet lemonade? Remember, your syns are there to use, don't go without xx


On a mission
Thanks Louise, the only problem with the spritzer is I can't stop at one :sigh: never mind.

Well I've been up early today as my partner Lee has just been diagnosed with Epilepsy, last night he had a bad night so I was up around 4.30 am, at 5.00 am I was dying my hair! Think I'm gonna feel it later :4635: , still staying strong on the diet though :angeldevil:
Hey hun I have my first weigh in tomorrow (Thursday) too.. Ive tried endless diets and always gave in.. but I feel positive this time so hopefully I will get somewhere :)

Best of luck xx


Serial Foodie!
sorry to hear about your partners diagnosis. i dont know that much about the condition but i know it can be very restricting. i think you are a marvel to have all them hormonal teens around. I have just 1 moody 12 year old and i am on the edge lol. im glad they are sticking to the same meals, it makes life easier...and cheaper! it sounds like you can really hold it together well under pressure so you will do fab with SW, im sure. the evenings can be tough... prehaps you can keep a good book on the go and have some nice relaxing bubble baths in the early evening to relax you and pamper yourself? i know that sounds mental with a houseful but a bit of 'you' time will help distract you from the fridge and keep you focused on your goals.

i keep meaning to measure myself as i want to track progress but, same as you, i just cant quite bring myself to do it.

not too sure about the best low syn snacks. still feeling around for that stuff myself but i have bought asda curls crisps as they are only 4.5 syns. I dont really have a sweet tooth but people here and people at your group will be able to give you lots of ideas.


On a mission
Hey Stacey

Good luck for tomorrow night i'm sure you will be okay you seem to be in the 'zone' for the diet so fingers crossed for you xx:fingerscrossed:


On a mission
Hiya Karen

Thanks for your post how's the diet going your end? Well done on losing 5lb in your first week :) I only hope I do as good as you! Oh and thanks about the tip about the Asda curls crisps I bought some today and they where delicious! X


On a mission
Well I'm certainly feeling tired now! It was really busy at work today so didn't really think about being hungry. I ate healthly taking an apple, orange, pear and nectarine which I ate, then for lunch had boiled eggs on toast.

Came home and Lee had cooked me another nice meal from the cook book I bought from class last week it was really nice. The kids are all out now and we are just sitting on the sofa relaxing.

I must admit i'm feeling a lil hungry now but i've got a large glass of squash, i've already had my bath which was nice and i nearly fell asleep. I'm having to lay the rules down tonight because I'm a Big Brother fan and no one else in the house is so i've taken over the telly horrahhh! Let me tell you it don't happen that often.

Did i tell you i can't wait to be weighed tomorrow night? I haven't weighed myself at home at all because I don't want to be disappointed.

Well I'll be back at some point fighting hard to stay awake and it's only 8.30 pm! Doh what am I like??? Boo xxx


On a mission
Good morning blog, the weather out today doesn't look too good, but guess what, its weigh in day wooo hoooo! :D

I did get to watch Big Brother much to everyones disgust but at least I had the living room to myself and I didn't stray off the diet!

Another day begins.......


On a mission
Its my lunch hour so thought i'd come on here and have a look around, I'm really glad i've found this site because it really is helpful all the people I've spoken to have been nice I think because we are all in the same boat :character00180:

Lee is cooking Carbonara from the cook book tonight and I'm really looking forward to it, I shall save mine till after class.

I think I will buy the curry cook book if its there this week, its great that Lee is cooking because it takes my mind off of food. Although Lee is off work sick and we have only one wage coming in I seem to be coping with this diet ok, especially with all the stresses that causes and also have 3 moody teenagers in the house who are driving me crazy most of the time! :argh:

Still looking forward to my first weigh in :) Boo xxx
Best of luck for tonight Boo.



On a mission
Thanks Queenie and Louise

Well drum roll.......... 6lb off!!! WOOO HOOO!!! :happy036::happy036::happy036:

So pleased xxx Boo xxx

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