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Boredom is a killer..


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Ok, I am on week 2 and have had 2 days of slip ups...the thing is I am soooo bored so all I think about is sweets! Not food just sweets as I am a sweet addict! I spend alot of time on my own, well not alone but with 11 week old baby... I am based in Germany as married to forces... All my neighbours have moved... Therefore no one to really see in the day... Hubby away alot... I am desperate to move back to uk ...which is in process has Hubby off to afghan... I'm just in a foul mood today... My point of my rant and self pity is I am soooo bored of my own company that I fear this might not be the right time to do this diet as I am destined to fail... Just frustrated... Only have 1 and half stone to lose... If only I could get my head sorted!!!! I do all the hard work during the day of drinking water and then blow it in the evening.... God I'm grumpy today :-;

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I've found the best thing is REACH FOR THE CHEWING GUM!

Better than chocolate ;)
We're not allowed chewing gum on this diet happyhealthy.

sal I'm sorry to hear you're struggling a little right now. Boredom really does make things tough. I know you have a little baby but would it be possible to go for a walk in the evenings when you start to crave food? Or have a bath, read a book, come on here and play games. Anything to take your mind off of raiding the cupboards!
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I know how you feel - boredom used to be my major trigger!

I found immersing myself in something else helped. Whenever i'd get hungry, i'd pop on the radio and sing and dance along to the tunes! And focus on a task like cleaning the kitchen floor or something. a friend of mine has trained herself to do 5 press ups each time she gets the urge to boredom eat. She hates doing press ups so has stopped thinkiing about eating so she doesn't have to do more!

I guess it's just a case of experimenting and working out what distraction works best for you.
S: 13st0lb C: 8st2lb G: 7st9lb BMI: 21.5 Loss: 4st12lb(37.36%)
Whoops, I'm so sorry for suggesting chewing gum. It was really ignorant of me to come on here and suggest it without finding out first

Good luck on your weight loss :)


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lol @death breath.

sal210707 good on you for doing this with an 11 week old. Can i just check your not bfeeding? As if you are your not supposed to do this?

I am still bfeeding my 18 (nearly 19 month old) but cos he has other food and isnt relying on me soley for nutirion apparently its ok but when he has his mamouth feeds I am reverting to a bit of meat lol.

Anyway hats off to you for doing this with such a young baby in toe.
can you not have a nice soak in the bath when bubs has gone to bed? Get your head into a really good book? Treat yourself to something non foodie?

Or come on here?

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