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Bra Wars


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I went to Town yesterday to replace my tatty, worn out bras before we go on holiday next Saturday.
I've lost 3 stone now :bliss: and thought I'd be in much smaller bras, but NO!! :eek:
I got measured and have gone from a 44 to a 40 on the band, which is good.
BUT, nothing has come off the actual boobs themselves, so have gone UP from a DD to a....G !!
I am so cheesed off, the cups were so big, I put it on my head like a baseball cap, which made the assistant laugh, but not me. :(
I said to my Husband that I'd be embarrassed hanging them on the washing line, so then HE made it worse by saying "No, don't do that, seagulls may nest in them!"
If they're still like this when my other 4 stone is gone, I'm going to ask the Doctor about a reduction/mastopexy operation.
Has anyone else had this problem, or had the surgery?
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dont fret i think the band can change the cup, for example, before i got measured i though i was a 38 b or 38c, when in fact i was a 36 d. after losing 2 stone i am a 34 d. the cups appear bigger as the band is smaller, but you will have lost weight of cup size too, just not enough to go down a cup size, and smaller band has made cup go up.

hope this makes sense, i have been looking at bra's a lot lately!

just keep going and you will notice the change soon enough. although as you get close to target you may still want smaller boobs anyway.

personally i think you are really lucky, i was always an a cup when slimmer and am terrified boobs will disappear totally, it ruins your silohette with no boobs, send em this way ;)

make sure you still look after those from sagging too, aldi do a great firming cream for busts for just a few quid.

feel like i have waffled but hope i've made sense ;)

good luck



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S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Helen, I'll try the cream rom Aldi.
I'm probably jumping the gun, another 4 stone should make a difference (I hope!)
cathy, i know you must be fedup but give your body time dont worry to much what size your boobs are just keep your mind on your weight loss if after you get to the weight you are happy with and your still not happy then look at what you could do, shame you couldnt give me some my boobs go terrible when i loose weight like sox with balls in (nice) keep you chin up your weight loss is fantastic........jenny


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I love me 34f/g boobs they are brill, ur hubby should be happy :D
S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
Has anyone else had this problem, or had the surgery?

Me. I had a breast reduction in 2001 (I had just turned 17) In fact, it's their birthday next week lol
hiya i felt like you a few weeks ago as i needed a new bra so went to get measured and i was 36E and im now 34F i was gutted but my hubby was happy i understand that if you go down a back size you go up a cup size but what i dont understand is why !!!!!!! I have got used to it now and i even got i bikini in the same size from the same shop for my hols so result !!!!
S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
I'd love for mine to just disappear completely through LT. Sounds bonkers but I'd rather build 'em up than try to make 'em look smaller
My boobs look like two mountains! i think I am going to have problems with sagging etc!
oh christ my have sagged for years !!!!!lol just nothin i can do about it but would love a tummy tuck ive got a what they call a mothers apron wich i thought you only got when you had kids and i havnt had kid !!!!!lol
:eek: Think i will have one of them aprons, will be telling my mother she can keep it :giggle:

I am just hoping that if I do need help with sagging that the NHS will help me, but I know that in NI your lucky if you can be helped at all with anything!!
it the same over here plus if they did help you would come out of hospital with more than when ya went in (mrsa)!!!!! i was lookin on the internet and found a site where you can go on holiday to malasia in a 5 star hotel and have a tummy tuck for £2,600 all in i didnt think that was bad do you ?
No that is not a bad price, but I dont know about going foreign, as we know that things are regulated here. I know it would take me to do a hell of a lot of reseach before I would agree to it, either that or be desperately unhappy with what I was left with!

x x x


Always welcome new m8's!

Id love for mine to go up, but im the only girl in the family not to be "blessed with breast" im somewhere between a C and D cup, i use chicken fillets when i go out!

But i can see why ur p*ssed, thats so wierd! Sorry but i did laugh at your OH comment!


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The chances are that you were wearing the wrong size bra to start with (most of us are!), it can also vary between shops and measurers. The best fitting I've ever had was at Bravissimo, where I went from a DD (Frasers, the week before) to a G! :eek: Bravissimo bra was definitely 100x better, too!
Snap used to be a 46 B went and got measured yesterday and im a 40DD why have they grown when they have shrunk i so dont get it they have gone tiny :( but they are now DD'S they look more saggy now also tho Mr G doesnt seem to mind im thinking i may actually need them pumping up a bit if they dont even out when i get thinner

The girl in Marks n Sparks couldnt explain how id gone up cups when my boobs had shrunk so wasnt much cop for cheering me up.
As far as surgery is concerned, I know Summerskye had this done, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind you PMing her.

As far as the cup size is concerned, your cup size is determined by the difference between your bust and your back size. So basically, you've lost fat off your back, but your boobs have stayed the same size, or shrunk less. This might mean that your boobs are made more of breast tissue than fat, so could be good news - they probably won't sag so much!
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Cathy I am so with you on this one! I was a 38G when I started (it was a well fitted bra, wires flat between the boobs and either side) and after losing 6 stone I decided to go back to M&S and try some on for size. I tried a 36G on and it did fit, though snuggly. Goodness knows where the 6 stone has gone from then! I did try measuring my boobs but that came out as a 40H and I know that would be too big as the last time I tried a 40 on I fell out of the bottom of it!!!!!

At my age and after 3 children (I breastfed them all) mine are bound to be saggy! Quite fancy a boob lift afterwards!!!



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