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Breakfast bars

I think cereal breakfast bars are great, love a coco pop bar as a treat--chocolate yum. But just thinking of getting sone for the car for the walk from car park to work. But all I know are 2pp Brekkie bars! Are most Brekkie bars 2, are there any that are less :) or any to avoid--aka higher?? Thanks in advance. Just thinking bout it there and well you guys are geniuses so thought I'd enquire :)
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I think 2pp for a breakfast bar is really good! I sometimes have belvita breakfast biscuits are they're 6pp for a pack of 4 biscuits. I dont generally keep food in my car though, that would be too tempting, and knowing my luck it would go yucky from being too hot and then cold lol
This true. But i get to lazy for Brekkie and it's a Brekkie bar worth a walk to work and my works very physical, nurse throwing people round ha, so I'm starved by 10.30 when we get breakfast. So they tied me over nicely :) think coco pop bars prob aren't the best. Should so special k or something haha. Are those biscuits worth it? Seems a lot for a biscuit. In my eyes I'd feel cheated :(


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Most of them come out at 2 or 3above...

The most common ones at 3pp are:

Kelloggs frosties
Tesco light choices
McVities Apple & Sultana
Alpen Strawberry & yoghurt
Harvest white choc chip
Jordans frusli

Some that come in at 2pp are:

Asda good for you banana & toffee
Harvest apple & raisin
kelloggs rice krispies

The asda really fruity bars tend to be 4pp



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Weetabox have a new range of cereal bars out and I love them, you can get them in strawberry, milk choc and I think there might be a white choc also. The strawberry and milk choc ones are 2pp each and you get 5 in a pack. I think they are delish. I also eat special k bars 2pp each and tesco light choices have bars like fig roll bars with fruit in and these are also 2pp and are really nice too. I have to say when I need to snack I snack on the weetabix milk choc ones, they are yummy and filling. Steer clear of the nature valley granola bars, yummy but high pp wise.
I love those tescos ones but there mad moreish--not good for binge eater me :( it's interesting seeing the different ones I love the special k choc break things. The pack of small biscuit like things there yummy and think 99cals so around 2pp id say. There yummy with tea :D just looking for ideas cause in work I'd not eat till 10.30/11 and be starved and then pug later. So trying to balance doesn't helpthat I'm being kept late today so have to have lunch but brought none. Went for soup, was watery and not creamy--prob not even too nice-but im full now and there's a creamy one that 400ml is 4pp so the bowl I had was 300ml at the most so going with 4pp to be safe. There's no parsnip or peas--I asked haha. But thanks for the advice
Cocoa rocks cereal bars 2 pp
Ww raisen and peanut bars 2 pp
Ww oat and choc cookies 2 pp for 2 biscuits
Ww fruit loaf 2 pp per slice
Walkers baked crisps 3 pp for 1 pck or 5 for 2
Hth x


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Its not really a 'breakfast' bar as such but has anyone tried the Hob Nob bars. Omg luuuuuush. And only 4pp which is pretty good I think. Yummy. :D

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