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Breakfast ideas please!


is gonna shine in 2009
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i'm lovin the big shredded wheats at the mo and they come in handy 2 packs in the box and are the same points as weetabix and i find them more satisfying then weetabix which i could inhale in one go lol x

for mornings when i have more time i have 2 slices of dry toast with mushrooms and toms poured over the top and sometime an frylite'd egg white, that seems to fill me for ages x
Didn't mean to have a sad wave in my post, was meant to be a happy one!

Thanks for that. Am liking the sound of the mushrooms, egg and toms on the top on the toast.


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I really struggle with this too. I find that cereal or toast doesn't fill me up for very long and seems to set off cravings for some reason. If I have some protein instead it fills me up for much longer. So when I'm not in a rush in the morning I often have eggs. When I'm in a hurry I'll have something non breakfast-y, like fat free cottage cheese with some ham chopped up into it, sometimes add tomato. This is really filling for me and takes hardly any time to prepare.
I'll be watching the thread with interest for other suggestions.


is gonna shine in 2009
S: 19st2lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 5st9lb(29.48%)
yep and it's fab for only 2.5 - 3 pts depending on what bread you use or even 1.5 if you use ww bread but i find this goes too soggy x


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I quite often have a ww bagel (2 points), 30 g extra light philadelphia (0.5 pts) and wafer ham (0.5). or bagel, philly and bacon or bagel, scrambled egg (made in microwave for quickness) with a rasher of bacon.
A couple of crumpets with jam or eggs.
If you have more time or at weekends make french toast or eggy bread (made with ww bread 2 points for 4 slices). A sweet version with sweetner and cinnamon is nice.
On a Sunday I have a fry up 2 l/f sausages (2.5), 3 turkey rashers (1 pt) fried or poached egg (1.5) loads of mushrooms and either fried tomatoes or tinned tomatoes.
Toast and banana fills me up too, or toast and beans.
Hope this helps or gives you inspiration lol x
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I do beans on toast [2 mins in the micro for the beans while the toast is in the toaster and the kettle's boiling for my tea!] or scrambled eggs on toast. Lakeland do poaching pods, they are like little plastic dishes which you float in boiling water - 5 minutes for these to be perfect poached eggs, best present I ever got..
I find toast on it's own, or cereal, does nothing to fill me up. But sometimes toast, followed by fruit and a yogurt fills a bit more of a gap. It's a bit point-ier in the mornings, but it's quick and stops me picking at snacks before lunch.
<3 breakfast, best meal of the day!


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what about mushroom omlette? I use fry light and 1 whole egg and a couple of egg whites so only 1.5pts or fruit with yoghurt fills me up especially those shape zero ones only 1pt or what about putting beans or spaghetti hoops on your toast?


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i usually have 50g of coco pops with a tiny amount of skimmed milk and that fills me up


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This morning I had mushroom florentine - grilledmushroom with spinach lf soft cheese and poached egg 2 pts yumy

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