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S: 12st5lb G: 8st13lb


Will be thin god dammit!!
S: 18st3lb C: 18st3lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 41.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
A big bowl of fresh fruit, strawberries, kiwi, melon etc with a vanilla muller light pouredv over it - free and delicious


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You could have SW cooked breakfast, turkey rashers or rindless bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms :) or have lots of fresh fruit with plain or mullerlight yogurt on. I like fresh fruit, and berries especially in the morning, fills me up, gives you most of your 5 a day in one sitting too. x

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Egg based brekkies are good I find they fill me up .. and im nearly impossible to fill up !

I love my microwave omlette maker doesnt taste quite like a proper omlette but does mean i can bung it in the microwave while im doing other stuff in the morning.I chop up the veg i want in it the night before and put in a tupperware tub so all i have to do is crack 2 eggs whisk up the egg and bung it all together


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Cheese and mushroom omlettes - or cheese and red pepper omlettes are my faves....

Fruit and yoghurt - all sorts of superspeed foods would be good - try Melon, Strawberries, and then add grapes in with some 0% total greek yoghurt - mmmm!

Depending on the plan you are doing, you could have bacon and low syn sausages with one of the omlettes served with tomatoes or baked beans (EE) remove the beans on an Original day.

I would have a look at peoples food diaries (in the section above) and get some inspiration from there!!! mine is a Original Red day diary most of the time, so I have had some yoghurt and a banana today!

Good luck, hope that helps! x


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S: 12st5lb G: 8st13lb
The problem i have is i eat alot of fruit anyway and dont find it fills me up, and i dont like yoghurt much, espeically in the morning!

Difficult difficult difficult!
Thanks everyone :)


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Eggs might be the way forward then ....!!! i think not using a HEA or HEB in the morning is quite hard if you are not into fruit and yogs! :(

What do you use your HEB/HEA on in the rest of the day on EE? x


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S: 12st5lb G: 8st13lb
What do you use your HEB/HEA on in the rest of the day on EE? x
I would like to sometimes have bread at lunch for a sandwich or when i am at uni I need a portable snack like aplen bars. I know i can sin them as extra, as i have been i just wondered if anyone had any other ideas.
I did ww Nocount that was similar and had Monster cookies for breakfast which where brilliant and really really filling, more fillling and weetabix that i am having atm but am hungry after still :( but the cookies have applesauce and flour in so not SW friendly

Im new so am trying extra easy this week and already have found that i want another b! But even on green i would use a B on meat so its all the same really.
Althought green would allow me to have more milk and cheese:rolleyes:

I think i will have a gain when i weigh in but i am going to keep trying with it as i am finding i am alot healhtier on sw than i was on WW.:eek:


Will be thin god dammit!!
S: 18st3lb C: 18st3lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 41.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
if your doing green days then maybe just have egg, mushrooms, peppers, sauted potatoes and tomatoes for brekkie - mmmmm


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dont be so down, if you have stuck to plan on SW you wont have a gain!!! :D

I think its always hard moving from one plan to another, and maybe you should plan your meals for the day and then see if its easier doing EE, Red or Green! xxx then you might have HEB/A's left over! xxx


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On a green day or Extra Easy I sometimes have scrambled egg with beans or spaghetti hoops on top & a bowl of fruit. You need to try different things things to see what fills you up.


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hiya! my breakfasts tend to be mainly egg based with either tomatoes or beans!! i tend not to have so good weight losses when i eat fruit so i tend to stay away!!


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If I don't want cereal (mainly to save HEXb) I have yoghurt and a banana. But maybe I am the only one that doesn't use all of my HEXa milk on my cereal. When I first started I was using it all and have now got used to using less and saving the rest of the milk for coffee's during the day. I sometimes syn some extra milk so that I can have extra coffee's or teas during the day because I love my coffee's so much I'd rather syn the milk than syn extra's like chocolate or cheese or an extra piece of bread.:D
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I sometimes have polenta porridge with fruit. Or mushrooms, quorn sausage, beans & eggs.

I find fruit & yoghurt on it's own doesn't fill me up so I don't ususally just have that, I'll have toast or something with it. So it you like a big brekie not recommended.


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S: 12st5lb G: 8st13lb
Wow great response! Thanks everyone!
I am just a bit pessimistic as have eaten so much, all free but still!! Im just trying EE this week and next week i will do a full week of green just to see which i like better etc.

Eggs seem to be the popular option, will get searching for some ideas, thanks!


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You can always have your B for breakfast and syn the bread at lunch. 2 slices of nimble white bread is only 5 syns. Don't be afraid to use your syns! If you don't have your bread with lunch and opt for a free food instead, you'lll still be eating something. It'll just have a different label (i.e. free food instead of synned food), you'll still have to eat something and all foods have calories whether free or synned so might as well have what you want and syn it.


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Personally, I have an Alpen Light (apple usually) and save the other one to have at 3.30 (a chocolate one). Plus a yoghurt or a banana if I feel the need, but I'm not a big breakfast eater.

Then lunch at 12 and a snack at 2. And at 6. Then dinner at 9!


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what a good post. I usually use mine in the morning with porridge and skimmed milk and doing EE leaves me with no more healthy extras (roll on target weight, when i can have more HE's) Sometimes on a weekend, i have one slice of bread (half the weight of an healthy extra) topped with lots of tinned toms and an egg on top, either, boiled, poached or fried in frylite.

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