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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


Still Climbing That Hill!
Hi everyone, i re-started CD yesterday and am plodding along fine just now, feeling a little hungry but not too bad, i need to lose around 6 stone in total so its gonna be a hard long slog :rolleyes::rolleyes: taking it one day at a time though and half a stone at a time if i think of the overall picture i just get very down, ive hit my 40's now so it's now or never for me i dont want to live like this any longer, i want my life or even a life back!
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Good luck it is a fab diet, and really works. You seem in the right frame of mind so I am sure you will do well.
Hi Petal,

Hope your ok. I started the CD diet on Monday and really struggled first 2 days but now im gettin weighed on sunday and i cant wait :) I know how you feel bout wanting your life to be different too sounds just like me and im 24. Ill be plodding along with you!

Good Luck.. I hope you do great :) xx


Still Climbing That Hill!
Thank you for the welcomes, i think it's sheer determination thats got me through yesterday and today, im worried though when the determination goes thats when i'll fail ohhh there i go again setting myself up for failure think i'll just dump that thought and concentrate on the good bit, the weight coming off! Off to read up on the CD threads.
Sending you best wishes for success with CD. Think positively, you will get a great motivational boost on your first weigh-in and your successive losses will help to keep you going x
Hi Petal :) I'm in my 40s too and feeling the same - it's now or never. Thankfully I am 10 weeks in, have lost 3.5 stones and am enjoying it! The success keeps you motivated!
Welcome Petal01,

There are a lot of restarters on the CD threads... so you are not in this alone. Good Luck.



Can hug her knees :)
good luck. you have started and that is the hardest part, if you find yourself struggling pop in here it always helps take my mind off eating or giving up xx
Hi Clare,

I love your avatar! It is so cute. you are looking great.

Congrats. MM


Still Climbing That Hill!
Thank you everyone. day 3 now and not felt like giving in once, even the smell of food hasn't distracted me, i really do hope i can keep up with this motivation, water on the other hand id a bit of a sore point for me though i am drinking the minimum so that can only be good im usually a diet coke fanatic and have still bn having the odd can, i know strictly it's not allowed buttttttt whatever keeps me on the straight and narrow i say! Hope your all having a grand day.


Still Climbing That Hill!
i spoke too soon im feeling really hungry now :(:(:(
Hey Petal,

I hope the hunger got better. I find that sipping a warm drink slowly helps sometimes. I also cut up the CD bars into little squares and nibble them with the drink sometimes.



taking control (again)
Sorry to say this, but maybe it was the diet coke. Some people get away with drinking diet pops, others are effected by it. The only way to find out is trial and error. Do your very best to go without it for a week and see what happens. Then if all goes well, try some diet coke. If you get hunger feelings, then you know what it is. It could of course be something else, so try and do the same as you did the week before and make sure that the diet coke is the only variable. :)


Still Climbing That Hill!
Mmmm yeh maybe was the diet coke, didn't give in, though it was really difficult, yah for hard work and motivation tbh i always find the first week the easiest as im so determined, i have to do this now for for my health as im not getting any younger i think sometimes ive left it to late to enjoy my weight loss {if i get to goal} though deep down i know thats not true but it's how i feel :( anyway i'll say bye for now as i can feel this going somewhere i dont want to go! Have a fab day everyone.


Still Climbing That Hill!
Not much to say today im feeling a little off tired and lethargic not sure whether its CD affecting me or i have got a cold coming on.
Feeling Lethargic...

Not much to say today im feeling a little off tired and lethargic not sure whether its CD affecting me or i have got a cold coming on.
Hi Petal,

I am not sure what the weather is like where you are -- but I know that when it is cloudy and gray (especially this time of year when it gets dark so early) I feel much less energetic. So, between that and the diet -- plus, the colder temperatures -- it is very hard. Can you go outside bundled up and soak up some sunlight? Or do you have a light box? Also, going to gym doing a little exercise and then sitting in the sauna might help (if possible).

Good Luck, MM


Still Climbing That Hill!
Hi everyone well as the title says......... 13 years all for nothing:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:eek:n the other hand it's doing wonders for my diet i have lost two stone in three weeks! That cant be good for anyone though.

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