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A bit confused! CD and LL seem to be basically the same diet, but on LL it is okay to do SS while breastfeeing as long as your baby is also weaned onto solids (i.e. your breast milk is not the baby's only source of nutrition). On CD it seems that breastfeeding is totally contra-indicated. Anybody know why this is? :confused:

My LO is over a year old but still feeds morning and evening, probably just as a comfort as he has a wide and varied diet. Could be feeding for a long time to come yet I would love to get this weight off. Only problem is that LL is so much more expensive than CD :(
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I dont think you're supposed to breast feed on SS but I'm sure a CDC will tell you what the right thing is. My sister was breastfeeding and had to wait until she didnt do it anymore before my CDC would let her do the SSing


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I'm going to buck the trend here and say that i think that you'd be ok. At a year old your little one's main source of nutrition will be from solid foods. I can totally see why it would be contraindicated for exclusive BF up to 6 months, or up to a year if your child was still having regular BFs. Does your little boy take milk at all during the day?

Of course this is only my personal opinion and its possible that a CDC would refuse to let you SS. But to be honest it that would be a bit over the top to refuse. have you thought about having a chat with your HV or a BF support worker if you have one in your area?

Anyhow, good luck x

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