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They do shrink. Your chest size will definitely go down to a 32 again, it is harder to predict cup size. How perky they are depends on your age and how long you were at a bigger size (the skin elasticity etc). Make sure you moisturise daily as you lose weight! Good luck.


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Measurements alone I've gone from 42B to a 36A. ... After losing 8 stone. So, don't be worried that you're gonna lose your entire bosom, you will lose a little but not all of it!

Lol to be honest you're lucky you have any breasts at all! I look like a boy now! :D
When I did LL I went from a 38D to a 34D so lost 'back blubber' (nice!) and was still curvy after losing almost 4 stone. Most inches went off my belly thank goodness ! :)


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Mine did the same last time too. 42DD to 34DD. This time 40DD to 36DD so far. Shoulder blade saddle bags are going first.

I remember going into M&S and looking at the bras and getting really lost. One lady assistant, tiny thing she was, came up and offered help. She took a good look, with clothes on, sat me in the changing room and went off around the store. She came back with about 6 bras. I tried them on and each one she had me adjust myself properly and she did the bra bits. She was very discrete and polite. After about an hour we had a row of about 8 bras that were good and that she was happy with. She took me to the till and asked which I'd like to but and I said all of them!! I was so pleased to have boobs up in the right place pointing in the right direction again and that gave me a waist! I gave her a huge hug. Daft I know but I was almost emotional. One thing I did learn was, ignore the label. It's only a guide. Style makes a huge difference as well. Try on and try on until you are happy they've been enhanced and not trapped no matter what their size!


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Hi there,

I really wouldn't trust what the people in marks and spencer say. I went there to get measured and they told me I was a 38 G. I bought a bra but never really felt like it fitted. So went to a local shop where the lovely lady there took one look laughed and told me I was more like a 32 GG.

She told me that marks and spencer will try to sell you a bra whether or not they have one in your size (they don't do cup size big enough for me)

I would suggest trying to find a local lingerie shop or maybe try bravissimo they are quite good.


Is back in the saddle!
Me thinks you should do as I said before, ignore the label!!!

Measure your actual size of rib cage if you want a true guide to what you're losing in fat around there. The labels in bras are almost as bad as the labels in other clothes, depends who you buy them from.
I went from a 38G to a 36D and I've lost about 3 stone. But the clothes size difference is far greater than those 2" - from a 20 on the top to a 12/14.
I look far smaller and in proportion now, as I was very top heavy, but I did want to get to a C cup. Focus on the fit and support that you get and the number and cup size doesn't really matter. I know the styles I like and that flatter and avoid the ones I don't. It used to be that I wore what fitted! Whatever size you settle at, embrace it and chose the styles which make the most of it!
Ive found that Debanhams is the best place to go and get fitted. I went round one day all the shops that did bra fitting, and only debanhams actually fit me into a bra and showed me how to know the difference. Everywhere else used a tape measure and still managed to all come up with different sizes.

My size is a 40FF but places like la senza and m&s were putting me in a 36/38 DD!!

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